Day 2 of 5 for the 2012 RPG SOTY

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Apr 172012

Check out the following 7 RPG blogs, then cast a vote for your favorite!

This is day 2 of 5 for Reader Voting of the 2012 RPG Site of the Year contest. Each day this week we’ll have a new group of sites for you to check out and vote on (vote at the bottom of the post). We’ll post the five finalists on April 23rd, and then the winner on April 30th. So, come back tomorrow to vote again!

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– Online since: October 2008
– A great post: How to write a free RPG – Chapter 1: Inspiration
The Free RPG Blog champions free roleplaying game materials by reviewing free games, running competitions and offering advice in the form of practical how-to guides. It began because its author, Rob Lang [@thefreerpgblog], felt that the world of free RPGs needed a voice and their authors needed support and a pat on the back.

– Online since: October 2008
– A great post: Using the five-paragraph order to guide monster attacks
The RPG Athenaeum discusses most aspects of the tabletop RPG hobby, with emphasis on assisting dungeon masters with creating memorable D&D campaigns. To this end, the site offers more than 180 indexed posts on various aspects of adventure and campaign design, combat tactics, free downloads of adventure settings and gaming tools (such as the popular “100 lists”), an image gallery of painted miniatures, product reviews, and the occasional interview or photo tutorial. Generally, the posts go into greater depth than many other blogs – each averaging about 800 words or so in length. Special effort is directed to the quality of writing; it’s my opinion that, if someone is going to devote their time to reading my content, I owe them clear, concise reading.

– Online since: February 2009
– A great post: The Importance of Trust and Honesty in D&D
Dungeon’s Master is the best place on the internet to find 4e D&D resources. Our goal is to provide usable resources for players and DMs to make their overall gaming experience better. With almost 900 articles in our archives, we’re sure you’ll find the article you need to take your gaming experience from good to great! We also take great pride in being an active member of the D&D gaming community by supporting and promoting D&D public play and providing weekly coverage of D&D Encounters.

– Online since: August 2009
– A great post: D&D Virtual Table Review
Geek Native is a blog for gamers who are interested in a breadth of geeky news. The blog’s audience are gamers with a high perception score. The site reports on new games, updates from conventions, free to download species and other RPG goodness but it also posts about interesting gadgets, anime, movies that gamers might be interested in and tracks the big news from the world of comic books. Posts range from in-depth reviews, to interviews with famous authors and game designers all the way through to quirky pictures, gossip and videos.

– Online since: October 2009
– A great post:  How to write an EPIC! adventure
This small, one-man operation is meant to provide new insight and material for table-top rpgs. It runs the gamut of crunchy bits (rituals, monsters, systems, etc) to advice (for DMs and Players) to opinions on the nature of rpgs. It also runs a wide spectrum of game systems, reflecting my personal history, though D&D is the predominant system discussed. I like to pose questions of interest and then try and answer them; instead of simply showcasing a problem I feel a writer should try to fix them as well. In the end, I try to make every article of use for another gamer.

– Online since: January 2010
– A great post: Dealing with Uncertainty
This is My Game is just that: a site about our games and how we play them. Run by Randall Walker and Tracy Barnett, we strive to talk about what’s going on in gaming right now as we see it at our own gaming tables. A diverse group of authors contribute to the blog, giving us an array of opinions and viewpoints that we value greatly.We write about the games that we love. No matter what game we’re playing, this is our game.

– Online since: March 2010
– A great post: Race & Culture in Dungeons & Dragons 5E/Next
Daily Encounter is a site that offers a group of 4E DnD enthusiasts an opportunity to share their ideas for the game. Paul (@paulbaalham), Adam (@blindgeekuk), Micheal (@digitaldraco) and myself (@obsidiancrane) all contribute to the site; from DM advice and campaign craft articles to home brew rules (including themes) and Adam’s Kickstarter roundups.  Right now the site offers a repository of over 40 encounters (mostly heroic tier), over a dozen homebrew rules elements for DMs (and players) to consider along with numerous editorial articles and even a selection of monsters both new and old. Our one hope is that you enjoy our offerings and have fun playing your game.

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The poll for this post is now over.

However,you can click here to catch up on the contest…

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