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This character was created for play in the RPG game, A Song of Ice and Fire (by Robert J. Schwalb).  Watch “Game of Thrones: The Complete First Season,” and you’ll be a fan for life.

It’s quite understood that Rodney is the illegitimate son of Lord Vallen, and that he has sworn his sword to the family house out of duty to the house and land.  However, the circumstances that brought about his birth are more disturbing than a simple love affair with a local smallfolk woman.  A simple love affair is what most believe, anyway, but the truth is a secret well-kept.

Valeria Blackwell

Rodney’s mother was known as a fortune teller.  She was considered a fraud by some, and a witch by others.  She was most often looked down upon by most, and skirted persecution on a daily basis.  However, as House Vallen continued to fall into decay and its end seemed certain, the lord (out of desperation) sought out this woman for counsel…

“…Enough with the riddles, woman.  Do you have the answer I seek, or are you a fraud as well as crazy?”
“My lord, I will help you, but you must do something for me.”
“What is it then, woman?  Gold?”
“No, my lord.  Your first-born.”
“You must be joking.  I have not yet a first-born, or even a wife.   Nor would I be able to pry such a child from a mother’s arms.  You are crazy indeed.”
“No, my lord.  You will give me your first-born… tonight.”

With that, Rodney was conceived, and the woman’s intuition proved to be valuable indeed.  House Vallen soon found a new mine, and a new source of income.  Unfortunately, Lord Vallen’s troubles soon returned, but in a different form.  It wasn’t his wealth that was now at stake, but his sanity.  For reasons known only to him, he demolished his almost-completed castle, and began to secretly send small sums of money to Valeria Blackwell as his bastard son grew.

Upon reaching young adulthood, Rodney began spending more and more time around his father’s household.  Some would say that he was just looking for acknowledgement from his father and that he wanted to be a part of the family.  The truth was even more simple than that.  Rodney merely felt that serving the Vallen family meant a better life than what a smallfolk mother could give him.  He loved his mother, to be sure, but he’s an opportunist, and as a bastard son of Lord Vallen, he felt it was a good fit.

It wasn’t until Rodney saved the life of his half brother Carridan (a legitimate Vallen), that Lord Vallen gave him a sword and a place in the house.  He was at the bottom of the pecking order, but that suited him just fine because it was so much higher than his station as a kid in the slums.  Rodney’s brother never did explain why those two dark figures held a knife to his throat that night, though…

The Real Rodney

Rodney is a naturally good-hearted person.  He wishes no one ill will, and only seeks to serve the house, as well as better his position.


Though he cares for the members of the Vallen house, he’s an opportunist, and is constantly subconsciously making decisions that will slowly maneuver him into a better position (status-wise).  He would never consider betraying or harming a member of the Vallen house – at least, not at this point in his life, anyway.

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