Aug 242016

This is an odd one, as it would really depend on the person more so than the game.


Mostly these days, as a parent, I’m dealing with other parents, and if I was to give a game to them, I’d likely give No Thank You, Evil!, since it’s targeted at families. I like the production values, although as I’ve said before, I’m not thrilled at how combat focused it is. Nevertheless, I think that it’s a good starter for kids to get into gaming as it’s very pretty and looks do matter in the sense that when I show it to kids, they gravitate to the artwork. The setting and character building are also lots of fun.

If I was giving a game to an adult who did not game, I’d likely give them either the D&D Starter Set (5th edition), again because it’s a great introduction to gaming. However, if it was for an adult who was already a gamer, I’d likely give them Savage Worlds because you can play almost anything with it.

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Justin Schmid

Justin started tabletop gaming in 1983 with Basic D&D (red box) and never looked back. He runs and plays in a wide variety of games, including Savage Worlds, Dungeon World, Trail of Cthulhu and many, many more. He also writes professionally for role-playing games, including writing and creating Night's Edge an Alternate Reality Universe for Cyberpunk 2020. He went on to write eight more adventures and sourcebooks in the Night's Edge line, adding vampires and other supernatural perils to the already dangerous world of Cyberpunk. As a freelance writer, he wrote The Bermuda Triangle for Call of Cthulhu, Shadows of the Mind, and Psi Wars for Conspiracy X and contributed to Last Unicorn's Star Trek RPG, as well as to Cybergeneration sourcebooks, and many other games. When he's not creating imaginary worlds for his daughter, he's running games for his friends and writing new adventures or designing new game systems. He currently lives in Vancouver, B.C., Canada.

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