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What do Indiana Jones, Tintin, and a wizard all have in common?

Salistone “Stonie” Andronus.  That’s what.

Salistone “Stonie” Andronus is not your typical wizard.  In fact, if it weren’t for his trusty wand, you wouldn’t know that he was a spellcaster at all.  Perhaps it’s his leather armor, his short sword, or his unavoidable knack for getting into trouble that pegs him as a wild and aloof adventurer.  Whatever it is, being a wizard is only part of the package.

Growing up, Stonie had a severe case of A.D.D. – he simply couldn’t sit still.  His curious mind just wandered all over.  He’s no elf, but if it weren’t for the magical gift passed down from his elven great-great-great-great-great grandfather, he never would have been accepted into Emberspire’s School of Wizardry.  Of course, his family donating the funds to build the school’s northwest wing didn’t hurt, either.  Unfortunately (fortunately?) for the school, Stonie left after only his first year, as he simply lost interest in his studies.   There was always something else that seemed more fascinating, more exciting – and that draw finally won him over.

Leaving the school was a breath of fresh air, as it freed him to pursue all the things that he found interesting (not to mention that he wasn’t ready to face his family).  He spent the next few years traveling and working, going wherever and doing whatever interested him.  He took all kinds of odd jobs and went all kinds of weird places.  Really, whatever seemed new and exotic, he was all over it.  It wasn’t until  his great uncle went missing that he returned home.

Havlock, his great uncle, had been obsessed with something called “The Well of Night.”  When Stonie returned home and started flipping through his great uncle’s journal, he instantly found his calling without even realizing it.  Stonie took the journal and went looking for his great uncle – his first great adventure.

For the past five years, Stonie has followed many leads and gone on several adventures.  His great uncle has since been presumed dead, but that hasn’t stopped Stonie from trying to figure out this mystery.  Searching for Havlock has put him through many adventures, putting to use all of Stonie’s skills.  This has resulted in him making a name for himself as an investigator, adventurer,  historian, and archaeologist.  Because of that, he’s taken a position on the Assembly of Advisers, not because he wished to be a “hero” (as most others do), but because it opens up doors and resources that can help him solve the mystery of his great uncle, as well as all of the other mysteries he is destined to take on.

As an adventurer, he often gets into all kinds of trouble, though he rarely fights his way out.  Instead, he relies on his skills, his smarts, and his luck to save his butt.  He knows some spells, but he really only considers those to be  tools to help him as an investigating tomb-raider.  He’s curious, loyal, selfless, heroic, and perhaps a little overconfident – really, though, an all-around, fun and thrill-seeking guy.  The glass is always half full, never half empty.  He’s not in it for the money or the treasure, and doesn’t consider himself to be an “adventurer,” but he certainly does live for it.

Artwork from Greywulf, by special request.

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