Savage Worlds Markers?

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Jul 252010

So, I recently got a request for some “Shaken and Wounds Markers” for Savage Worlds (Deadlands would be my favorite).  Right now Stuffer Shack offers Mini Counters and Bloodied Markers, but I was wondering what other types of markers/counters I could make.  What games do you think would benefit from some sort of markers?  For instance, Star Wars D6 has the Stunned, Wounded, and Incapacitated conditions.  Also, 4e has a slew of conditions that markers could designate.  While I’ve played a few different games over the years, I haven’t played a lot.  That’s why I’m asking the webverse (you).

Specifically, I’m looking to offer all kinds of markers and counters for a variety of games.  What would you like to see? What would be helpful for your game?

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  1. Tourq,
    I would love to see Savage Worlds markers! I would suggest plain white markers for “shaken” and red markers with “1,2 and 3” on them for wounds. That way the regular markers can still be used to tell different enemies apart.

    Viva Savage Worlds! Viva Stuffer Shack!

  2. Well all right! I think I can oblige…

    How many pieces do you think should be in a full set for Savage Worlds?

  3. If the set remains at 20 I would suggest 2 options;

    1) if a set of numbered markers has already been purchased then 10 red markers to desiginate wounds in the following denominations 1 wound (4), 2 wounds (4), 3 wounds (2), plain white shaken markers (10)

    2) if this is a stand alone set then change the above to 8 red markers to desiginate wounds in the following denominations 1 wound (4), 2 wounds (3), 3 wounds (2), plain white shaken markers (6) and generic number markers (5).

  4. I would totally get some markers for Star Wars D6. D6 Rules!

  5. We will definitely be making Star Wars D6 markers. Oh yeah…

  6. Markers are always a sweet idea. Their really handy for Savage Worlds especially Shaken and Wild Swing. And don’t forget us grognards still playing 3.5/Pathfinder. 🙂
    Maybe just some simple generic markers with different colors or geometric shapes that could be uses for almost any game for whatever purpose the GM may need at the time. I’m always end up using a handful of identical common mini’s. Telling them apart when things get frantic is a pain sometimes.

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