Apr 292010

I feel that it is time to give a special thanks and shout-out to a few out there who have helped me with Stuffer Shack.  In one form or another,

- have donated either time, posts, advice, encouragement, or graphics (thanks for letting me steal the header, Greywulf).  You all Rock!

I don’t spend much time on the net, but the time I have spent has shown me that gamers are a cool, close bunch.  I’ve made some friends and look forward to making more.

At this point, I’m very pleased with the site and really look forward to its growth. I don’t know yet if we’ll have a “Member Galleries” section; we’ll just have to see.

One last thing – if any of you five want something from the Store, let me know and I’ll send it your way.

Thanks again everyone,

Chris Stevens

Chris Stevens is the Owner and Executive Editor (he can use that title - he checked) of Stuffer Shack. He is the son of his non-famous (but totally awesome) father, and has written, like, tons of gaming material (none of which will he ever try to publish). He started Stuffer Shack in 2010 and is very proud of the site, very pleased with its store, and very thankful for its writers.

  3 Responses to “Special Thanks”

  1. Thanks Tourq – and thanks for your input too!


  2. Happy to oblige. Keep up the great work!

  3. Hey, no problem. Keep up the good work.

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