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Quarian engineer.

A bit about the quarians

Quarians are a race of interstellar nomads, long since driven from their home planet by a race of Artificial Intelligence known as the geth, originally created by the quarians as a servant race. The quarians attempted to destroy the Geth when they became fearful of their creation’s growing intelligence, and the geth responded naturally to preserve their existence. Since that time the galaxy at large has become fearful of the geth threat after an army of the A.I. units acted in support of the rogue turian Spectre known as Saren Arterius.

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Alara’Zen vas Citadel nar Neema (crew of the Citadel, child of the Neema) is one of the small population of quarians who consider the Citadel their permanent home. When asked, she tells people that she’s on an “extended pilgrimage.” She left the Migrant Fleet voluntarily and does her best to look out for other quarians who visit the Citadel on their pilgrimage, trying to ensure that they don’t have the same difficulties she did.

Unfortunately, C-Sec policy is to treat quarians as a nuisance. They often suffer from unfair treatment and are threatened with charges of vagrancy or falsly accused of theft. Without representation on the Citadel Council, this situation is likely to continue.

Luckily, though, not everyone feels that way. Alara’Zen has met Alexander Bourne on several occasions, usually after he injured himself looking out for one of the “duct rats,” and helps him out with equipment or medigel on occasion.

She keeps her combat drone (nicknamed, “G’enni”) active most of the time, using it to help her with the repairs she does at her junk shop, and has been known to speak to it on occasion. Alara has toyed with the idea of installing a V.I. in the drone’s program so it could speak back, but something has thus far stayed her hand.

Alara’Zen vas Citadel nar Neema is a power level 8 character for Mutants and Masterminds 3E. Her character sheet was created using Hero Lab.

Hero Lab – Alara’Zen vas Citadel nar Neema.

For those of you who would rather just see the character, her statblock is below. Enjoy!

Alara’Zen vas Citadel nar Neema – PL 8



Strength 0, Stamina 0, Agility 2, Dexterity 2, Fighting 2, Intellect 3, Awareness 1, Presence 0


Benefit, Cipher, Eidetic Memory, Equipment 6, Favored Foe: Synthetics, Improvised Tools, Inventor, Leadership, Ranged Attack 4, Second Chance: Technology Checks, Skill Mastery: Technology, Teamwork, Well-informed


Acrobatics 4 (+6), Athletics 2 (+2), Expertise: Artificial Inteligence 1 (+6/+4), Insight 6 (+7), Investigation 1 (+4), Perception 6 (+7), Persuasion 4 (+4), Ranged Combat: Guns 4 (+6), Sleight of Hand 2 (+4), Technology 7 (+12/+10), Treatment 1 (+4), Vehicles 2 (+4)

Advanced Omnitool Programs (Removable)

Combat Drone: Burst Area Summon 4 (hologram, light, technological; Active, Burst Area: 30 feet radius sphere)

Heavy Overload: Affliction 5 (1st degree: Dazed, 2nd degree: Defenseless, 3rd degree: Incapacitated, Resisted by: Fortitude, DC 15; Affects Objects Only, Increased Range 2: perception)

Advanced A.I. Hacking: Affliction 7 (Alternate; 1st degree: Dazed, 2nd degree: Compelled, 3rd degree: Controlled, Resisted by: Will, DC 17; Increased Range 2: perception; Limited: Synthetic Targets Only)

Incinerate: Burst Area Blast 4 (Alternate; fire, technological, DC 19; Burst Area: 30 feet radius sphere)

Containment Suit: Immunity 7 (Disease, Environmental Condition: Vacuum, Environmental Condition: Radiation, Environmental Condition: Cold, Poison, Suffocation (All))

Helmet (Notes: This WOULD be removable, but Quarian complications suggest that this would be a very bad idea.)

Heads up display: Senses 4 (Analytical: Sight, Danger Sense: Radio, Direction Sense, Radio)

Medigel: Healing 2

Quarian Affinities

Low-light vision: Senses 1 (Low-light Vision)

Technologist: Enhanced Trait 3 (Traits: Technology +2 (+12), Expertise +2 (+6), Advantages: Second Chance: Technology Checks; Permanent)

Shield Generator (Removable)

Force Field: Force Field 6 (technological, +6 Toughness)

Translation Circuit: Comprehend 2 (Languages – Understand All, Languages – You’re Understood)


Containment Suit [Containment Suit: Immunity 7, Disease, Environmental Condition: Vacuum, Environmental Condition: Radiation, Environmental Condition: Cold, Poison, Suffocation (All)], Medigel [Medigel: Healing 2], Omnitool (Audio Recorder, Cell Phone (Smartphone), Flashlight, Multi-tool), Universal Translator [Translation Circuit: Comprehend 2, Languages – Understand All, Languages – You’re Understood], Weapons (Combat Knife, M-5 Phalanx Heavy Pistol)


Initiative +2

Advanced A.I. Hacking: Affliction 7 (DC Will 17)

Combat Knife, +2 (DC 16)

Grab, +2 (DC Spec 10)

Heavy Overload: Affliction 5 (DC Fort 15)

Incinerate: Burst Area Blast 4 (DC 19)

M-5 Phalanx Heavy Pistol, +12 (DC 19)

Throw, +6 (DC 15)

Unarmed, +2 (DC 15)


Dextro-amino race: Like the Turians, Quarians cannot eat the same foods as most species. They can, however, eat turian cuisine.

Disability: Quarian Immune System: Quarians wear their containment suits for a good reason; nearly ANY foreign substance or germ causes an alergic reaction, with symptoms like fever or nausia or worse, depending on the severity. Under the wrong circumstances, a containment breach can be fatal.

Hatred: Like many Quarians, Alara feels a strong hate and fear of the Geth, the synthetic race of artificial inteligence that drove the Quarians from their home world.

Prejudice: Quarians and their traditions (like Pilgrimage) are often misunderstood by the galaxy at large, and they are sometimes treated as vagrants or worse.



Dodge 10, Parry 7, Fortitude 3, Toughness 6, Will 7

Power Points

Abilities 20 + Powers 39 + Advantages 19 + Skills 20 (40 ranks) + Defenses 22 = 120
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