FAQ & Shipping Information



How do you make the Counters, Markers, and Tokens?

For Counters and Markers, I start with wooden plugs.  It takes a quite a while to make these – a good chunk of time out of the day.  I make these almost entirely from scratch…  Painting, drying, printing, punching out numbers, gluing, setting, and even cleaning their cases.   The Tokens are less work, but still take a bit of time.

Do you make the figures?

I do not.  I order them from various places and then affix them to bases.  Most of them require just a little bit of minor surgery to make sure they stay on tight.  I more or less use them in my home games, and sell them through the site because they’re cool.  Sharing is fun!

Do you make the bases for the figures?

I do not.  I order them from someone else.  I do sell them on the site (separate from figures), but I make almost no money from them.

Shipping Information

I have always been committed to making the cost of shipping as accurate and fair as possible, and will continue striving to do so.

  1. We use the United States Post Office as our preferred shipping carrier.
  2. Depending on weight, we ship orders using First-Class, Priority Mail, or Flat-Rate (whatever is the most cost-effective and reasonable).
  3. Within the U.S., customers always receive tracking numbers for their orders.
  4. The rates quoted when buying from our Store should be accurate.  If the actual cost of shipping is more than you were quoted by only a couple of dollars, I don’t mind absorbing that extra cost.  If the actual cost of shipping is less than expected by at least a few dollars, I simply refund the difference to you.
  5. If you ever feel that the quoted cost of shipping is not right, let me know and I’ll take care of it immediately.  In your email, don’t forget to tell me exactly what you’d like to purchase, as well as your shipping address.
  6. Yes, we do ship internationally.