Apr 292011
The Challenge of Asmodeus - Steal this Adventure (download)

It was three earthen years after Obad-Hai’s death, before any proper link was known to the infernal hells. Asmodeus, in his scheming, offered up the archdevil Levistus to take the fall. While the gods bickered among themselves as to the proper course of actions, more powers were drawn in, while others fell to hidden blades. The Divine War raged, they entered all the planes, and [Read the article]

Asmodeus – Steal this Enemy

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Mar 082011
Asmodeus - Steal this Enemy

You don’t become the Lord of all Devils by waking up early and dreaming real hard. In the realm of the Infernal, you have to plan for centuries, keep ten steps ahead of your enemies, and above all else, never let your opponent realize that they’ve already lost. Asmodeus is the Lord of Nessus and acting Ruler of all other Arch Devils in Baator. He [Read the article]