Nov 022011

I’m all about fun (that’s why we play the game, right?). So, let me talk about how adding one little house-rule can will add so much fun to your game. Ok, sure. Not everything appeals to everyone, but I’m going to add this house-rule to every game I run from now on… In the past, I’ve cut up so many games and then put them [Read the article]

Feb 222011
Playing with Fate: Your “Character Aspects”

In Strands of Fate, most player characters are created with ten aspects. Wait a sec… Let me back up… If you aren’t familiar with Fate, here’s the 38-word rundown: Aspects are simple phrases that sum up everything that is important about your character. These phrases come into play quite often as a simple, major component of the game mechanic, while simultaneously explaining your character’s concept [Read the article]

Houseruling Aspects Into Your Game

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Feb 132011
Houseruling Aspects Into Your Game

Hello, Wrath of Zombie here! Tourq emailed me and asked if I would do a guest article for the Stuffer Shack about incorporating Aspects from FATE into other games, and I have to say I’m very excited about the opportunity. What Are Aspects? Aspects are an amazing mechanic used in the FATE system to help players and GM’s develop the characters and story.  The truly [Read the article]