May 312011
Negotiations at the Temple of Blood - Steal this Encounter

In an abandoned village, off a road rarely traveled, rests a temple forgotten by all but a select few. The temple was once a place dedicated to the gods of good and protection, and in such a small community, it served as the center of daily life. These days it only sees activity two nights a month. That is when the vampire lord Andragen conducts business. [Read the article]

May 302011
Psychic Paper - Steal this Item

Today in the United States we are celebrating Memorial Day. We were going to delay our next article until Tuesday. However, I was recently speaking with Jared Von Hindman (the weird D&D art guy) about how release schedules are unfair internationally. We here at believe that we should all be able to watch and read the best geek content with relative equality. In the [Read the article]

May 232011
Cybermen - Steal this Monster

“They’ve had all their humanity taken away. That’s a living brain jammed inside a cybernetic body, with a heart of steel. All emotions removed.” –The Doctor (Rise of the Cybermen, 2005) Download the PDF of this article, here. Cybermen are a staple villain in Doctor Who, second only to the Daleks and possibly The Master. We’ve seen several different variations of these metal monstrosities over [Read the article]

Plot Heavy Patrons – Snakes

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May 162011
Plot Heavy Patrons - Snakes

Dungeons & Dragons, 4th Edition loves patrons. Not only are they built right into the mechanics of the Warlock, but there is also a great deal of fluff devoted to gods and primal powers. In this article, we’ll present three patrons to use in your campaign, with motivations for players and greater complexity for DMs. Jazirian The Lawful Good god of Community, Peace and Learning [Read the article]

Serpent Student

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May 092011
Serpent Student

In isolated communities, small villages, and nomadic tribes, the study and reverence of animals is often a central component of daily life. Their image mark walls, tools and clothing. Their actions are told in stories passed down through the ages. By watching, respecting and emulating the animals around them, many have seized upon techniques that astound outsiders. So is the way of the Serpent Student. [Read the article]

Apr 292011
The Challenge of Asmodeus - Steal this Adventure (download)

It was three earthen years after Obad-Hai’s death, before any proper link was known to the infernal hells. Asmodeus, in his scheming, offered up the archdevil Levistus to take the fall. While the gods bickered amongst themselves as to the proper course of actions, more powers were drawn in, while others fell to hidden blades. The Divine War raged, they entered all the planes, and [Read the article]

Apr 162011
Calis, Avian Demon - Steal this Monster

This entry is based on Open Game Content by Netherworks. Read more about this collaboration, and see more interpretations, here.   Fools misjudge the odd looking Calis at first sight. The odd form of bird and man can seem almost comical. While they are certainly not the smartest creatures, they should not be underestimated. Their weapons are not for show, and they follow orders with [Read the article]