Deathwatch: Best RPG… Ever!

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Oct 222010
Deathwatch: Best RPG... Ever!

I’ve enjoyed a lot of different games over the years.  However, Deathwatch (the newest RPG from Fantasy Flight Games), has taken its place as my favorite roleplaying game of all time.  You heard right, all-time favorite.  For those of you unfamiliar with the basic concepts of the game, you can click here for a brief overview from FFG. Deathwatch is the third RPG from FFG set in Games [Read the article]

Take the Challenge – Say Yes

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Sep 102010
Take the Challenge - Say Yes

Imagine the scene: You’re playing the uber-cool DEATHWATCH, more specifically, larger-than-life ultra-high-tech space marines.   You carry ultra-cool equipment, like bad-ass armor, a super-cool machine-gun, and jump-jets that help you run faster, leap over obstacles, and even fly.  Oh, and don’t forget about your ability to sustain your daily nutritional requirements from your built-in ever-efficient “Waste Recycling” system (yeah, you read that right).  You’re fighting hordes of [Read the article]