Dec 282011
Weeping Angels - Steal This Monster

The Weeping Angels are an alien race developed for and featured in the current run of Doctor Who. The version presented here has been slightly altered in order to create a compelling 4th edition combatant. “Don’t blink. Blink and you’re dead. Don’t turn your back. Don’t look away. And don’t blink. Good Luck.” – The Doctor. The Weeping Angels are one of the oldest races [Read the article]

Psychic Paper – Steal this Item

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May 302011
Psychic Paper - Steal this Item

Today in the United States we are celebrating Memorial Day. We were going to delay our next article until Tuesday. However, I was recently speaking with Jared Von Hindman (the weird D&D art guy) about how release schedules are unfair internationally. We here at believe that we should all be able to watch and read the best geek content with relative equality. In the [Read the article]

May 232011
Cybermen - Steal this Monster

“They’ve had all their humanity taken away. That’s a living brain jammed inside a cybernetic body, with a heart of steel. All emotions removed.” –The Doctor (Rise of the Cybermen, 2005) Download the PDF of this article, here. Cybermen are a staple villain in Doctor Who, second only to the Daleks and possibly The Master. We’ve seen several different variations of these metal monstrosities over [Read the article]

Dungeons and Doctor Who

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Apr 272011
Dungeons and Doctor Who

I love Doctor Who quite a bit. It provides elements of fantasy, science fiction, adventure, humor and historical fiction in an almost hap-hazardously creative fashion. I also like to blend many of these genres into my Dungeons and Dragons home campaign. When one of my players approached me, saying that he wanted his new character in the campaign to be The Doctor, I assumed he meant that the character [Read the article]