How to Fight the Convention Gods, and Lose!

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Feb 242011
How to Fight the Convention Gods, and Lose!

What follows is a dissertation that not only proves the existence of Convention Gods, but that said Gods are both Chaotic Neutral and all-powerful.  I will present my argument as a series of battles, with the final battle concluding the war.  By the end of this reading you will understand that you simply cannot fight Convention Gods and expect to win. Battle 1: Desire – [Read the article]

Oct 092010
DunDraCon 35 - How to Enjoy My First Convention?

Let me tell you about my first convention:  I was in middle school at the time, and I walked through some sci-fi thingy where they had a bunch of stuff that I can’t remember.  Cool, huh? I remember not really being all that impressed.  Actually, I was downright disappointed.  You see, I like comics, and had a good collection of X-men stuff, Spiderman stuff, Conan stuff, [Read the article]