Sep 042017
Holy Crap!  Fat Dragon Games Bundle Sale is 80% off

I love terrain, and Fat Dragon Games has continuously been my favorite.  They just announced a few sales, but the one that I love is 80% off their bundle of paper-printable terrain.  I have purchased several of their terrain downloads, and my players love seeing them at the table. If you didn’t know about these, let me tell you:  You download the file, print, cut, [Read the article]

3D Terrain that is 70% off…

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Jun 062016
3D Terrain that is 70% off...

If you know me, you know that I like 3D terrain, especially when the price is low and the awesome is high.  For the next day, the Ravenfell Core Set is 70% off (just $4.49).  To be honest, I think it’s still a great deal at full price, though.  The cool thing about Fat Dragon terrain is that you can print it out over and [Read the article]

Castle Terrain… Just Cool

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Nov 302010
Castle Terrain... Just Cool

About two years ago I downloaded the E-Z DUNGEONS: Borderland Keep, then proceeded to make one of the best ever 3d battle map terrain sets of my underpaid DMing career. Of course, after all was said and done, the castle crumbled to pieces due to a raging gargantuan Terrasque… (or, a sneaky 3 year-old who took the entire set under the dining room table for [Read the article]