My Kickstarter Process, Revisited

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Nov 222017
My Kickstarter Process, Revisited

I’ve just completed my 13th Kickstarter. It’s a location-based adventure called Gamma Turquoise: Santa Fe Starport. So, just wanted to dispense a little more wisdom from my wealth of crowd-funding experience. You can read my previous article here. The following is a checklist of things you should keep in mind before you kickstart an RPG project of your very own… Assuming you’ve created an outline [Read the article]

Part of my Kickstarter Process

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Mar 082017
Part of my Kickstarter Process

I’m currently engaged in my 10th Kickstarter campaign at the moment. It’s a project called Trinity of Awesome Returns! A lot of people have asked me about what all goes into my Kickstarters; like, how do you get from the initial idea (step A) all the way to fulfillment (step Z)? Well, as you can imagine from the space between the first and last letters [Read the article]

Kickstart The Warren

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Jul 202015
Kickstart The Warren

Instead of a regular Kickstarter round up, I’m going to focus in on one of the two kickstarters I’m backing this month. The first, which I won’t spend much time on, is the Reaper Miniature Bones III kickstarter. I’ve backed the two previous ones and this one is again looking to be a blockbuster. Check it out if you like minis and have time to [Read the article]

RPG Kickstarters: June Roundup

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Jun 102015
RPG Kickstarters: June Roundup

It seems like the number of RPG Kickstarters that interest me is declining. Not sure if that’s because there’s less RPG kickstarters generally or I’m becoming more picky. This month there’s only two, both ending shortly, be sure to check them out. Custom Pro Tabletop Audio Background Loops (Ends June 16, 2015) This Kickstarter is for professionally-produced audio backdrop loops for tabletop gaming. Each professionally designed and [Read the article]

Apr 172015
Confessions of a Kickstarter Junkie: April Roundup and Retrospective

There’s only one Kickstarter that I’m currently backing this month and I haven’t seen any others that have caught my eye enough to warrant an honourable mention. So, I’m going to cover the one I am backing and then review how Kickstarter has worked for me over the last few years that I’ve been backing projects. RPG Card Decks: NPCs, Creature Ecologies, Adventures (ends April 21) RPG card decks: one [Read the article]

Mar 182015
Confessions of a Kickstarter Junkie: March's Roundup

Here are a few kick-starters that I’m backing and that you might want to check out: Uncharted Worlds: A Space Opera Roleplaying Game (ends March 20) A space opera tabletop rpg of exploration, combat, politics and commerce across the stars. I’ll cover this one first as it’s ending very early. Generally, I’m hesitant to buy into new game systems without knowing them, but this one is powered by D. Vincent Baker’s Apocalypse [Read the article]

Feb 182015
Confessions of a Kickstarter Junkie: February's Roundup

Here are a few kick-starters that I’m backing and that you might want to check out: Wilderness Adventures 28mm Scale Fantasy Gaming Terrain (ends Feb 23) I love Fat Dragon Games’ stuff and have backed their kickstarters in the past. This one is for a whole lot of 3D outdoor terrain for your game. For just $60, you can get deserts, swamps, highlands, woodlands, forest ruins, a sphinx, [Read the article]

What can you Kickstart?

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Dec 092013
What can you Kickstart?

The history of financing independent films is certainly an interesting one. To finance his first feature, El Mariachi, Robert Rodrigez signed up for a series of medical experiments, some of which he still bears the scars from. Kevin Smith financed Clerks by signing up for a slew of credit cards, all maxed out during the production of the film. Presumably, they were later paid off in full…