Jun 252012
Sauron - Distinctions and Milestones

WARNING! SPOILERS AHEAD FOR THE BREAK OUT MINI-EVENT! One of the rewards established for the Break Out event, included in the Marvel Basic game, is the ability to redeem captured villains and turn them into playable heroes. My players really liked this option, but I never expected them to keep Sauron from SHIELD custody and then go underground with him in tow! The Sauron villain [Read the article]

Jun 152012
House of M Milestones

The House of M was a Marvel tie-in event that brought together each major title in an alternate reality where everything seemed better, at least to most people. It followed the forming of the New Avengers and was a precursor to Civil War (the next big event coming from Margaret Weiss Productions). In its pages we saw a world where Magneto was a great hero, [Read the article]

Make Mine Marvel

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Mar 192012
Make Mine Marvel

My players and I are between D&D Campaigns. I’ve got the opening scenes laid out in my head, but I’m just not ready for that pivotal first session. Knowing what I had on hand, I gave my players three choices: I could run their characters in our side campaign through some purchased adventures (D&D 4e), we could try the quickstart rules for DragonAge (closer to [Read the article]