PAX East Report – The Tabletop Effect

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Dec 122013
PAX East Report - The Tabletop Effect

At PAX East 2012 they added a new small theatre called the Tabletop Theatre. It was different from the other panel rooms in that it was set up with actual tables, allowing people to run workshops. In addition to workshops, it had some Tabletop Gaming panels which often took in smaller crowds than the Video Game panels…

PAXEast 2012

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Apr 022012
PAXEast 2012

PAX East is this weekend in Boston, the 6th to 8th! I am so excited! As of this writing there are still Friday and Sunday passes available (surprisingly), so if you haven’t gotten your passes yet, there’s still a chance. Go get them! I’ll be there with the Gamer Assembly, volunteering for Wizards of the Coast and generally hanging out. Feel free to say hi. [Read the article]

PAXEast Preview

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Feb 212011
PAXEast Preview

PAXEast is coming! PAXEast is almost here! If I wasn’t excited before (and I was, mind you) I’m totally geeking out now that the schedule is out. You know it’s a good thing when thinking about it makes you smile like there may be something wrong with you. But Brian, what is PAXEast? PAXEast is a festival celebrating the best of tabletop, video and PC [Read the article]