May 252012
All this for a little disk? - A Serenity RPG Adventure Idea

This is an adventure idea for the Serenity Role Playing Game, by Margaret Weis Productions, Ltd. The player characters are approached by a woman claiming to have the salvage rights to a derelict boat. She asks to be taken on a four-day journey to the Higgins Asteroid Belt, where a luxury liner has been disabled. She also requires assistance getting into the boat and retrieving [Read the article]

Apr 082010
"Fire in the Black," The Story of Teig Makusy - Steal this Background

“Torpedo Away” said the missile tech over the ship intercom in an exited voice. The Captain always turned on the com when he had a sure kill lined up. Teig thought he did this to make himself look better to the crew. Five minutes ago he had opened the com up and announced that they were closing in on a Browncoat transport. When the transport [Read the article]