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Oct 282016

“This ever happen to you, chummer?  It’s 4 a.m. and you find yourself in front of the SoyFroYoGo machine (again), choosing between pink-blue and orange-yellow (tan? really?).  It must be the Stuffer Shack.  Suddenly, the door’s AR chimes, and behind you enters a trio of Halloweeners, armed with all manner of ballistic beat-down.  Your finger finds the trigger of the sawed-off shotgun beneath your coat.

Shadowrun: Anarchy… What the Heck?!

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Oct 052016
Shadowrun: Anarchy... What the Heck?!

It’s no secret… Shadowrun (any edition) has not exactly been a rules-lite game.  It’s a meaty cyberpunk-fantasy dystopian setting with a very solid fan-base, and it also comes with a hefty set of rules for a very “simulationist” feel.  I’m not saying that’s a bad thing (I have my favorite edition and have played many, many hours of it); I’m saying that that type of [Read the article]

Aug 262016
Flakka Outbreak - Steal this Shadowrun...

The group’s favorite Johnson helped someone bring in some new drugs into the city… super cheap and super killer. Everyone wants it. The only problem is that some of its users go freakin insane, including the dealer who owns it. All the negative attention is making things real dirty, and the Johnson is looking to wash his hands of the whole mess. The problem is [Read the article]

Con Games 1: Shadowrun

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Nov 262010
Con Games 1: Shadowrun

Note: A few years ago, I went to a gaming convention somewhere in Connecticut with my dear friend Dave, and had the opportunity to play a few games I’d never played before, which is why conventions exist. If you go to a convention and only play inside your comfort zone, you are totally missing out. In the Shadowrun game, I played Samson, an enormous rock-headed [Read the article]