Jun 182015
Spirit of 77 Encore, Review Follow Up and Another Scenario!

My Victoria gaming group asked for an encore of Spirit of 77 and I was happy to oblige them, giving another chance to check out the game. This time, we had five player characters (pictured below) Hugh Mungus, a Good Ol’ Boy who’s One Bad Mother looking for Thrills Rex Cranium, a Vigilante who’s a Former Badge looking for Paybac Jackie Chung, a Kung Fu Tough [Read the article]

Jun 122015
Spirit of 77 RPG - Review and Scenario

I had the chance to try out Spirit of 77, a funky 1970’s tabletop role-playing game. I had backed the kickstarter back last fall and thought it would be fun for my Victoria group of friends. As it turned out, although I already had the pdf, my hardcopy arrived in the mail the day before our game. The game is described by its creators as follows: Spirit of 77 is an [Read the article]