Dec 312015
Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay - The Winds of Change Adventure Review

This winter, my gaming group is exploring adventures from the now-defunct third edition of Warhammer Fantasy Role-play series using my own custom “Warhammer World” game system. The system has been working well for us, already working on the third revision, but for this review, I will be reviewing The Winds of Change adventure from the perspective of how much fun it could be for your own table, game system [Read the article]

Jul 102015
Gaming Life: Warhammer World – Session 5 – An Eye for an Eye

Our final session of the Eye for an Eye adventure brings our heroes together in the library of Lord Aschaffenberg’s hunting lodge in the Reikswald Forest. Brought here by fate, they were enlisted to help the Aschaffenberg uncover what is wrong with the staff of this newly acquired property. They soon discovered some kind of conspiracy involving some of the staff being drugged. Having failed to [Read the article]

Jun 212015
Gaming Life: Warhammer World – Session 4 – Let's Split Up!

We pick up this session with our heroes at a feast in a hunting lodge deep in the Reikswald Forest. They have just accused their host’s staff of being part of some kind of cult and attempting to poison them. While this might well have been true, they unfortunately had no proof of these heinous accusations, so their host, Lord Aschaffenberg, was outraged and ordered them to leave at first [Read the article]

Jun 172015
Gaming Life: Warhammer World – Session 3 – The Plot Thickens

We pick up with our group as they continue their investigations into the mysterious hunting lodge staff. Hired by the new lord of the lodge to find proof about what is afflicting the staff, they had just about finished interviewing the guards and the burgher and performer go search the gardens some more, but only find signs that it was not kept well for some time. Looking back at [Read the article]

May 312015
Gaming Life: Warhammer World – Session 2 – Investigating the Manor Staff

In our second session of Warhammer World, the heroes have just made it to the safety of the Grunewald Lodge’s walls and as the howling beastmen rage outside, they are ushered into the main building and, after a quick bath, meet with the current master of the house, Lord Aschaffenberg. A big burly man, he quietly reveals to the heroes that he suspects the staff is up to no [Read the article]

May 242015
Gaming Life: Warhammer World - Session 1 - A Beastly Discovery

Just in time to play, I had the first version of my new Warhammer World game ready to go. The players created their characters using random draws from the career deck and we have a Burgher (merchant), a Dilettante, a Soldier and a High Elf Performer. The group is travelling from Bögenhafen to Stromdorf in a carriage. The Burgher deals in rare weapons and is travelling [Read the article]

Warhammer Fantasy Reborn

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May 232015
Warhammer Fantasy Reborn

My favourite fantasy setting would be that of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. I remember discovering it when a friend ran a game of it at his house in my college days. Instead of the usual fighters, clerics, wizards and thieves, we were an odd collection of a burgher (merchant), a commoner, an apprentice wizard and me, a trapper. Instead of a trusty broadsword, I had a trap [Read the article]