Jul 202010
Tank in Trouble, issue #6

In all of the Tank in Trouble issues, everything you read is true, although some may have a bit of comedic flavoring added.  This issue, however, is almost word for word accurate from start to finish.  Enjoy.  Oh, incidentally, this story may sound familiar, as John Lewis mentioned it at RoleplayingPro. The beginning /  previous /  next More awesomeness… Tank in Trouble, issue #4 Tank in Trouble, [Read the article]

Jul 142010
Tank in Trouble, issue #4

I was a little hesitant when deciding to write this one, but then I figured that I’d go for it.  Any heat I get from the guy that Tracy’s character is based off of – I can deal with.  Enjoy!  Oh yeah, if you like this comic, let me know in the comments (and if not, your lack of comments speaks loud enough!). The beginning [Read the article]