Dec 072011
Rollin the Hunter - Steal this Enemy

“Curses take many forms. The seemingly impossible quest of a fey lord can puzzle PCs and send them on far reaching quests, or the scarring hex of a hag could totally change the way a hero is viewed, both by others and personally. The curse of lycanthropy is particularly well familar, and tales tell of those strong enough to break through the curse, and command their new forms,

Apr 262010
Rescuing Racel - Steal this Adventure

To my dear brother Damod, It is with grave urgency that I write this letter to you. I hope you are well and remember me fondly, despite my detachment in recent times. As you know, my marriage to the ambitious Merkon was one of convenience and although he is not a man of poor looks, it was not love or admiration that brought us together,

Mar 232010
The Double Ambush (steal this encounter)

As the adventures are traveling, they are startled to see a female figure in flowing white robes being chased by a Dire Wolf.  The chase takes place about a hundred yards away, and both are moving quickly.  The female is running as fast as she can, getting scraped up by thorns and/or branches along the way, not to mention getting her robes snagged and ripped.