Jun 192011

It’s Take a Break Sunday again!  Relax, chill, and just take it easy.

Whenever I’m feeling down about myself, or need motivation to get into shape, I watch this guy – specifically, this video of this guy – with cool music to boot!  What can I say, in an alternate universe, I’m a kick-ass parkour, free-running stuntman from hell.  I’ve had more than such character!

More awesomeness...

Chris Stevens

In Chris's opinion, the very best vices are dirt bikes, rock music, and gaming, while the very best medicine is fatherhood. If he could just learn to balance them all, he'd live forever. He's much more creative than intelligent, often wakes up belligerent, and ponders many things insignificant. Lastly, in an effort to transform his well-fed body, P90X, Roller Blades, and Food are all laughing at him. And the pain continues.

  2 Responses to “Take a Break Sunday – The Coolest Stuntman, Inspiration for My Next Character!”

  1. He is the star of the movie ‘District B-13’ I believe. Check it out to see some sweet parkour awesomeness!

  2. Yes sir, fun movie. It was actually the first movie I watched on Netflix!

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