Jul 032011

It’s Take a Break Sunday, that day of the week when you try to just sit back and chill out.

The other day I was surfing the web and got to the end.  I figured, “Ah heck, might as well go back to the beginning and start all over again.” So I did, and that’s when I came across Tron Girl for the second time.  That’s also when I remembered that I need to start watching The Key of Awesome more.  The first video is the actual music video for Tron Girl, and the second video is a “making of, and behind the scenes” kind of thing.

And “behind the nerds”…

Chris Stevens

In Chris's opinion, the very best vices are dirt bikes, rock music, and gaming, while the very best medicine is fatherhood. If he could just learn to balance them all, he'd live forever. He's much more creative than intelligent, often wakes up belligerent, and ponders many things insignificant. Lastly, in an effort to transform his well-fed body, P90X, Roller Blades, and Food are all laughing at him. And the pain continues.

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