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Every RPG session is rife with characters, and every RPG adventure is packed with bad guys, but there’s always that one villain who stands out from the rest.

We’re looking for that one villain that your players are going to remember. It could be your ultimate big-bad-evil-guy, the unassuming NPC armed with only his dastardly wits, or anyone in between. Really, we want to hear about that villain that all your players could never forget. Perhaps he has an unexpected quirk (every morning he shaves using his halberd?), or perhaps he has a tricked out light-saber (Darth Maul, anyone?), or maybe he’s the down-trodden con artist with a medical condition (Keyser Söze?)

Whoever this evil person is, we want to hear about him (or her)!

  1. Your character must be a villain, someone who opposes or antagonizes the player characters.
  2. The villain can be for any RPG, genre, or setting.
  3. Entries must be 500 – 1200 words.
  4. Stat blocks may be included, but do not count toward the 500 word minimum.
  5. Art may be included, but is not considered when judging.
  6. Entries may be made through our Contact form (below), or you can mail them to us at [stuffershack at that yahoo dot com place].
  7. You may enter as many times as you like, but you may win only once.
  8. The deadline for entries is in two weeks (July 24th, which is a Tuesday).
  9. The judges consist of Stuffer Shack’s Crew.
  10. The winners will be announced on Monday, July 30th.
  11. We will have up to three winners. If we have 1-5 entries, there will be only one winner. If we have 6-10 entries, there will be 1st and 2nd place winners. If we have 11 or more entries, we’ll have a 3rd place winner.
  12. All winners will receive two PDFs from Gnome Stew consisting of Eureka: 501 Adventure Plots, and Masks: 1,000 Memorable NPCs. 1st place winner will also get to choose one of the five sets of dice from Q-Workshop (shown below). 2nd place will get second choice, and 3rd place will get third choice.

A PDF of each book

5d6 Metal Steampunk Dice

5d6 Metal Dwarven Dice

Click for bigger!

Click for bigger!

Click for bigger!

So, get your thinking caps on, and tell us about your best worst villain!

This contest is sponsored by Gnome Stew and Q-Workshop. For information on becoming a sponsor, click here.

Contact form closed.

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  1. Cool. The prize has gone from some awesome stuff, to some awesome stuff and some ENnies nominated awesome stuff.

  2. I think I did that right.

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