Dec 122012

Fiasco is wonderful story game from Jason Morningstar and Bully Pulpit Games. In it you portray less than great people with poor impulse control in spiraling situation. The whole thing last for a couple of hours and can be an absolute blast.

This Holiday season, I got you fine folks a present. The Last Christmas in O’Hare is a brand new Fiasco playset. It should be good fun for anyone who enjoys movies like Die Hard, has ever had to try to fly through O’Hare, or just enjoys smut. Just make sure to play it before the world ends.

WARNING: This playset is Not Safe For Work. It contains horrible things and should not be shown to children. If you read it and decide a sibling might enjoy it, mention it casually. Do not play it with your sibling or shit will get weird!

Download the PDF here. You can also purchase the PDF of the Fiasco core rules here.


O’Hare airport is a mess. It’s the 4th busiest airport in the world, so crowds of people pass through every day from all over the world. It’s not even that people want to go to Chicago. They don’t. It’s just a decent place for connecting flights.

Maybe decent isn’t the right word.

Tonight is Christmas Eve, and the sky is as full of planes as Union Station is full of trains during rush hour. The snowstorm is getting worse, grounding all flights until the morning and unceremoniously stranding several hundred people.

And then there’s that whole “end of the world” thing that’s supposed to happen any time now. I don’t know about any worldwide cataclysm, but all that anger and confusion should make it easy to pull a fast one.

It’ll be the last Christmas for at least one sap here. What a shit place to die in.

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