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The ProfessorWhen The Professor was a child, his father would bring him along on trips to Sandpoint. Sandpoint was just a small town then, but it had a great and magnificent ancient tower, one that this boy liked to play near. He imagined many great knights and princesses once lived there, and since it was still standing, it must have seen quite a few battles. Oh, the imaginations of a child.

As an adult, The Professor has no home. His trade as an alchemist makes him a decent living (one that would be better if he would just settle down and join a guild), but it’s also that trade that allows him to travel the lands. He searches high and low for new and rare ingredients, and has gotten to know the lands (and sea) quite well.

Whenever possible, he always tries to include Sandpoint in his travels, if nothing more than to stir up and relish old memories. He’s grown quite fond of the town, and has come to know and befriend many of the locals. However, his latest venture has taken him directly to Sandpoint on purpose – as word of a giant blob ooze-like monster was said to have been seen in some ruins just outside Sandpoint’s border, to the east. A sampling of that specimen would do wonders for his work. He hasn’t found the ruins yet, and he’s not leaving until he does.

He DID work for a trade guild in Magnimar for awhile, but left abruptly after an incident in his lab. He doesn’t talk about what happened, but a noted few will tell you that he left a changed man…

Image by Larry Rostant

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Chris Stevens

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