Apr 222010

As the heir to the Boanerges family fortune, James had it all – the mansions, the cars, the wealth – basically the playboy lifestyle. Though, when the Syndicate moved in, his life came crashing down. For reasons he still does not understand, they crushed his business interests through extortion, hostile take-overs, and direct attacks until all that remained was a small R&D tech firm on a remote hill.

It was there that James finally decided to take a stand. With the help of the remaining staff, he created a red power suit and an artificially intelligent, indestructible blade to go with it.  What he needs now is help from some heroes, and practical experience. This is going to take awhile……

Things to find out: Why are the Syndicate so determined to destroy the  Boanerges family name and all they own? Is there a link between them and some other superheroes? And does his newly created, AI sword know more than it is letting on?

By the way: My Iron Man is better than your Iron Man because my Iron Man’s got a sword. So take that.

For Mutants & Masterminds, the sword has been added as a Sidekick, instead of a Device.  This makes it completely autonomous.  Simply build it with INT 30, no STR, DEX or CON.  Add a Strike Power, Usable by Others, and you’re finished.

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I’m a business analyst/programmer who lives and works close to Sheffield in the UK. Among other things, I’m a writer, photographer, 3d render addict, Linux advocate and role-player. In my time I’ve been a Computer Science lecturer, journalist and contributing author for Linux Format magazine. In addition to my website, Greywulf's Lair, I can be found on Twitter and Linkedin

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