Jul 092017

Check it out – Stuffer Shack has just released its first official product to our patrons…

Truly Terrifying Vampires

If you are tired of love-torn, angsty, immortal models with fangs, or cliched Bela Lugosi clones, you need to go back to the original sources of the Vampire legends. Rediscover how creepy, monstrous, and terrifying they can really be.

This 26 page book has all kinds of ideas, tables, and plot seeds that can be used to punch up your vampire, turning him from a mere enemy to a terrifying monster.

It’s first mini-adventure, Thornroot Hill, will be arriving in just a few days.  Then, in a few more weeks, we’ll roll out a another mini-adventure which also uses the concepts and rules from Truly Terrifying Vampires.


If you become a patron right now, you can download Truly Terrifying Vampires instantly, and then you’ll automatically get advance copies of its companion adventures as well (actually, you’d be getting advance copies of all future products we are putting out).  Plus, we have other awesome patron rewards – you basically can’t lose. 

If Patreon isn’t your thing, that’s cool.  These products will all be available at DriveThruRPG soon enough.

Check out our Patreon page, and subscribe here for our Newsletter (you’ll get entered into free drawings, and you’ll get sneak-peeks of future products we release).

Thanks for reading, and game on!

Chris Stevens

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Chris Stevens

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  1. Cool! Any idea when it will become available on Drivethru?

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