Apr 022012

All right, yesterday’s post got a couple of more entries – let’s hope this one does as well!

Now is the time to submit your site for the 2012 RPG Site of the Year contest. You have a blog, right? You want people to know about it, right? Well, then enter it into the contest (for free!) before it’s too late!

There’s plenty of gaming blogs out there, but there’s so many more gamers out there looking for gaming blogs to read. This contest is simply a way of connecting those readers to a blog that fits their style. AND, it’s an opportunity to hand out tons of cool prizes!

p.s. If you don’t have an RPG blog, but you do have an RPG blog that you visit often, ask them to enter the contest (if they haven’t already).  Hey, if it’s your favorite blog, chances are good that others will like it as well.

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Chris Stevens

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