Jun 222016

Want to earn money doing what you love?  …because we pay $ for your gaming articles.  Period.

On this site, we have a gaming store where we sell cool things, and we share the profits with the authors who post here.  I appreciate the work that authors put into the articles – and I simply want to give something back.  It’s not a couple of buddies that I game with who write here; it’s a wide variety of authors from all over the world.

Make money blogging

(ok, maybe not THIS much money)

We’re looking for:

  1. Articles that provide gaming tips and reviews,
  2. Editorials that opine and challenge gamer and geek culture,
  3. And supplemental content that others can print or download, and use for their games.

Currently, we pay $10.00 per article.  In addition, this will increase as we continue to move forward.

We’ve posted articles that were written by gamers, veteran game designers, and everyone in between.  Submitting articles is easy to do, and chances are that if you have an idea worth writing down, someone will think it’s worth reading.

At the Shack, we post things like:

One Cool Thing About Monsters, by Robert J. Schwalb
Gamecraft: The Stress-Free GM, by John Lewis
Review: Wreck Age RPG, by Jacob Blackard
The Challenge of Asmodeus, an adventure by Brian Liberge
Finding Mansion Maps for your Game, by Justin Schmid
Dontcha Just Hate Us Bad Guys?, by Dixon Trimline

So, if you like money, and you like gaming, why not put the two together and submit an article?  If you have any questions, you can read our Submission Guidelines and Terms & Conditions, or you can email me directly [stuffershack at yahoo dot com].

Thank you for reading.

P.S.  I know, $10 is not professional pay – it’s more of a “thank you” stipend.  But, with a little luck and hard work, this will steadily increase.  Besides, stuff is in the works…

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