Mar 122011

A while back, I ran 2nd edition of my RPG (we all have one, right), when my buddy, Sam (of the former pulled out a pun that stopped me in my tracks.

Let me explain…

The PCs are fighting vampires in modern day New York, atop a skyscraper.  Sam goes out onto a ledge, baiting a vampire to follow him.  The slightest mistep means a long, torturous fall to their death.

So, there they are, facing off along this ledge/beam, when Sam uses up his entire turn to ask the vampire, “What season is it?”

The Optomized GM in me wanted to take advantage of Sam’s “wasted” action, but the Story GM in me prevailed.  So, I spent the vampire’s entire action by replying, “Uh… what???”

Sam responded by saying, “Fall,” and then shot the Vampire.  I was so stunned as the GM that, of course, the vampire fell to his death.  For that session, Sam was the gaming bad ass.

I have to apologize to Sam – I stole that pun and used it in a later game that he wasn’t a part of.


I was sitting at work in the jail, NOT surfing the web on county time, when I DIDN’T come across an article about puns in your game.  I don’t usually reference other websites (other than the Site of the Month), but I got a kick out of it, so I thought I would pass it on…

If you think you’d be interested in Pun Attack Actions, then check out ThatRobedGuy Presents.

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