Win these Drakes! – Contest #2

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Jun 172010

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*UPDATE* This contest is closed.

I’ve said it before – I love contests, especially when they’re free.  Win these large-sized drakes, either as monsters to fight or beasts to ride.  All you have to do is leave a comment of your best idea for a character concept, adventure, encounter, NPC, enemy or monster.  It’s just like the last contest, except this time you only need a couple of sentences in a comment on this page.

  • Your comment pitch must be 2, 3, or 4 sentences.
  • Enter as often as you like.
  • All entries must be original, and may eventually be expanded for latest posts.
  • The contest will last for two weeks or 20 comments (whichever takes longer).
  • It will be judged by Stuffer Shack staff members: Charisma, Max, Colin, the Red Knight, as well as the winner of the last contest, Thomas Charlton (sorry bud, you can’t enter this one).

That’s it. It’s that simple.

Good luck everyone!

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  20 Responses to “Win these Drakes! – Contest #2”

  1. The one from my comic’s first couple of issues.

    The Premise: The heroes are hired to go kill Fyreheart for eating local livestock. Fyreheart resides in the ruined Lost Rose Abbey outside of town.

    The Twist: Fyreheart had nothing to do with it. It was a group of bandits who wanted to frame the dragon for their cattle thieving.

    The Climax: There is a battle of wits and/or steel and spells as the heroes confront the bandits.

    Resolution: One of the Party members earns the undying gratitude of Fyreheart in the form of marriage.

  2. Something I tried on my PCs a while back.

    Mysterious stranger representing a large financial interest hires the PCs to go snatch a macguffin from an underground temple in a swamp. It’s dangerous and must be carried in a specially made case. When they open the case to insert the macguffin hundreds of little beads come out and roll down the drain (constant dripping due to being below the surface in a swamp). Then the fun begins, they have to outrun a flow of necrotic mud that rises from the drain that animates all dead as zombies.

  3. There are two halves on an upcoming war. You must choose your side: magic or ‘science’? Each side has been working their trade toward destroying the other and it’s unclear which side will win. Do you choose sides, or do you do your best to resolve the conflict?

  4. Fifi Obar has been freeing saplings from people’s green spaces for years now. As the evenings linger into dusk, she dons a mysterious dark cloak that shimmers as she throws it around her slim shoulders before quietly sneaking around other people’s gardens. Her light touch easily uproots saplings and flowers as she quickly grasps at them, and then with a bound that would seem to defy reality (if any witnesses were ever lucky enough to see her), she leaps over the wooden fences and stone walls that surround these private properties and releases her prizes into the forests a little way beyond. No one suspects her, least of all her father, a local gardener who is finding that, perhaps because of some very odd rumors concerning angry nature spirits, his business is booming.

  5. The characters are traveling through a dense forest when they make camp. They wake up bound and hanging from the trees by rope that is tied to their feet. They have to either break free of their bindings, wriggle out of them, or find some other way of escape – all before the gnoll’s return.

  6. Olgressa, a loud, obnoxious, funny, hearty barmaid, takes a liking to one of the player characters. While the group is in town, she always goes after that particular PC. When the innkeeper (her brother) dies mysteriously, she inherits the inn. However, thugs warn her not to reopen the inn, and it gets vandalized frequently. In actuality, a competitor is trying to shut down several inns in his area.

  7. In a ritual to resurrect a party member, or talk with a corpse (or some other ritual involving the dead somehow), the PCs inadvertently release a demon. Not from any real fault of their own, the demon is able to cross to this plane because the sun, world, and moon are in just the right alignment. The demon arrives, asks his “master” of their wishes, and then begins to realize he is not actually bound to service of the PCs. He flees the area, only to wreak havoc on the nearest town or village. The PCs must now track him down and either send him back or destroy him.

  8. The players are *asked* by the authorities to sell confiscated weapons or drugs to a local criminal organization. All they have to do is drop off the cargo and pick up the money. The complication occurs when a rival organization shows up to steal it all.

  9. The players make characters that are mid-level, well respected, famous heroes. They go on one last adventure before retirement, only to find that the entire adventure was a trap to utterly ruin their lives (they are made to be seen as liars, thugs, thieves, murderers, etc.). The whole thing was orchestrated by the government to get rid of the PC, so they can turn the country/empire/kingdom into something they want (of some evil machination). The PCs go into hiding, lick their wounds, and come back to wage a ferociously bloody war on certain individuals, one by one eliminating key persons of power until they face the mastermind.

  10. As an encounter, the PCs have to defend a fort from an incoming orc attack. The problem is that an NPC inside the fort has opened up a tunnel so that the orc can enter from the inside, surprising the group.

  11. The PCs are tasked by a lord to retrieve his son from a cult, so that his son can be saved. When the PCs get to the son, he reveals that his father put him there.

  12. Characters have to storm a castle with the help of 50 NPCs. Give each player a card that gives bonuses to them based on the number of NPCs they have control of. As each player gets hit (regardless of the damage/effect), he loses one NPC (take away one bonus from the card), until he is left by himself without any special bonuses.

  13. Denison is a half-orc corporate wage slave (Mr. Johnson) that hires the PCs to kill a mid-level executive. If the executive is out of the way, Denison is primed to slide into his position (which would be a promotion). He has saved as much of his paychecks as he could for a year to fund this endeavor, and insists on paying half up front, and half upon completion.

    However, because he has been saving so much, he hasn’t led the lifestyle he normally would have. Because of his living in the dumps and driving a dump car, his bosses feel he is not the right material for the newly opened position. After the murder, he is quickly told by his bosses that he won’t be getting the position. Furious, he goes on a drinking binge, which leads to a gambling binge, which leads to him losing all of the rest of the payment.

    He is at the mercy of the PCs. Do they keep him on a leash and squeeze favors out of him, kill him, blackmail him, or cut ties with their half payment?

  14. The PCs are tasked with bringing down the main tower in a multi-business complex that is getting built. The job requires finding, attaining, or making explosives capable of such a feat. The building has been nearly finished, only waiting for inspectors to give the final go ahead with bringing in business. This means there are few workers in the building, especially at night. The amount of explosives needed to bring the building down will cost at least $30,000 in materials, or $150,000 for someone else to supply and set up. If the PCs have the skill, they should be able to cut costs. otherwise they’ll have to find someone else to do it. The Mr. Johnson hiring the PCs is not interested in helping them one bit – the PCs either have the skills and resources or they don’t.

  15. Dunn is a “Blindingly Amazing” bard who is coming into town for a single performance. Everyone is talking about it, and eagerly waiting to be entertained. The PCs, on the other hand, have a threat that they are dealing with. It becomes apparent that they require the services of the most famous bard within 100 miles, but when it comes down to the wire, Dunn is a man with many tricks up his sleeve (not really a powerful bard after all). Now the PCs have to solve the problem on their own. After, do they reveal the bard’s impostor status, or let him be?

  16. The players are asked to guard a small keep while scouts head out to get backup from a nearby town. Of course, the keep is stormed by 100 goblins. They even devise contraptions to throw goblins over the wall to try to open the gates. Sure, half of the goblins that go over the wall in this way die, but it’s funny.

  17. Presidio is a secret operative that often-times gives the players pieces of helpful information. The information is usually helpful, but after a few missions the PCs begin to suspect that Presidio is leading to them to his own designs. What are they?

  18. Marios Vega is your typical Star Wars bounty hunter, and is hunting the player characters. However, when he approaches the PCs he asks for help in capturing someong else. If the PCs do their homework, they’ll find out he’s after them. If they don’t, they get gassed in his ship. He wears black armor and helmet, and his YT-2400 is grey with black panels. If the PCs are smart, they might get a ship out of it.

  19. The adventurers are traveling for awhilewhen they come across an old abandoned ranch house. As they stay the night, odd things start happening (chairs get moved, fireplace lights up, etc.). The players should get the feeling that someone else is in the ranch house messing with them. However, the house is haunted/possessed, so when the players finally figure that out and/or try to leave, the house shuts them in and starts flinging stuff at them (chairs, knives, burning coals, etc.). To get out of the house requires a skill challenge as simple or as hard as you like, with failures either doing damage or sucking up healing surges.

  20. In the characters home town/base of operation, crime has gone up. Basically, when the PCs start putting a wrench into the works of the Thieves Guild, the guild leader starts a personal war with the PCs. Now it’s up to the PCs to win the war, or come to some sort of arrangement with the guild.

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