Aug 182012

I do not have a personal blog.  Stuffer Shack is for gaming, period.  That’s what one of my major rules was when I started this RPG blog.  Still, once in a while something comes up that I just want to share, and it has nothing to do with gaming.  For example, take the following article posted in the Technology section on

See that line there?  The link to the article isn’t on Yahoo anymore, but here it is (I hope it’s still valid).  The article has to do with AT&T charging you in new ways for using your phone as you always have been (or something like that – I’m not really sure how it works, as I’ve refused all contact with this futuristic gizmo – the Cyberdeck’s precursor – because, you know, what futuristic movie ever showed us that we won’t eventually be enslaved by technology?).

Anywho, I just get a kick out of the title of the article, and that fact that Yahoo somehow let this article slip through the cracks.  Come on, not only is the word “Dick” used derogatorily in the title, but the article also spouts the usage of “shit” and “fucking.”  It has to be a Netrunner or Technomancer who pulled this off as a prank, right?  Well, the article bashes AT&T, and then has T-Mobile ads placed all over the rest of the page, so I’m thinking Yahoo agreed to this stunt as a way of getting attention.  Heck, I’d bet your hard earned dollars that Yahoo’s new CEO (Marissa Miller, who was literally acquired by way of a clandestine Shadowrun corporate kidnapping from Google) staged the whole thing.  Yes, she has to be behind this.

Hah!  I referenced “gaming” in some form or another ten times in this article, so it still qualifies as being a post about gaming.

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Chris Stevens

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  3 Responses to “Yahoo pulls a “Dick Move,” and this post still manages to be about role-playing games”

  1. The best part? The comments are censored.

  2. It didn’t take long, the link 404s now, so I’m betting someone pulled the plug on the article. Certainly trash journalism to be sure. To further the gaming tie-in though, your post suggests two plots for a cyberpunk scenario. One, a group could be hired to nab a top exec from one corp and bring them to another – or it could be reversed and the PCs are hired to rescue the exec from the corp that stole her. Two, for a more tech-focused PC group, infiltrating a media corp HQ, gaining access to a staff terminal, and inserting a subversive article at the behest of some rival or extremist group.

  3. @ Andy

    It amazes me how this &$%#@! technology can’t seem to get *&(#$% without !@)&^, and then of course we have to %$#@! deal with the *&&*%$, laughing at the $%^&$# solutions.

    @ Spiralbound

    Where do you live again? …Because I’ll be there next weekend with my unused Cyberpunk 2020, dice, and attitude. I’m chippin’ in.

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