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Nov 302010

About two years ago I downloaded the E-Z DUNGEONS: Borderland Keep, then proceeded to make one of the best ever 3d battle map terrain sets of my underpaid DMing career.

Of course, after all was said and done, the castle crumbled to pieces due to a raging gargantuan Terrasque… (or, a sneaky 3 year-old who took the entire set under the dining room table for some good old fashioned monster crushing).  Whichever.

Castle… gone… for good…

However, the other day I was cleaning up one of my email accounts…

  • 350+ unopened emails
  • 350+ unopened spam

…when I came across these pics.  They were taken by a player in the game when the castle was used.  Yippee!  This particular battle was cool because the players planned it out with about 100 NPC allies to help them (some quick mass-combat rules made this easy).  This was one of my favorite battles that I’ve ever run, simply because we were able to utilize inner and outer castle walls, gates, portcullises, towers, crenelations, elevated crossbowmen, and hordes.  The whole thing was dynamic, and just plain cool.

Now, I still have the files for the castle set, so I can make more castle pieces again in the future.  I just need the perfect adventure.

Click to make ’em bigger:

If you ever make something like this, expect to use a fair amount of printer ink (set it to economy quick print), and make sure you have a decently-sized play area.  Right now the Borderland Keep is 50% off ($5.50), though I don’t know if it’s a sale or permanent.  *Scratch that* – It was a sale.

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  1. That is com pletely and utterly kewl! I just bought this download, and I’m looking forward to building it. Any suggestions or helpful tips?

  2. This looks seriously awesome! I swear, I had something like this when I was a kid, though it obviously wasn’t marketed as an RPG product – came as part of a book about castles and how they were put together, what the people in them lived like, all that sort of stuff. Great thing for a kid with an imagination bigger than his own head.

    This looks like the kind of thing you’d get because it looks awesome, and you want an excuse to do something in a castle. . . 😀

  3. @ Dillon:

    You want to use Cardstock paper for pretty much all of Fat Dragon Games stuff. That’s regular printer paper, but it’s labeled as Cardstock, and is thicker. Tacky Glue is the glue that I use, and it works very well. Start with the biggest pieces – that have the fewest cuts and folds. That will prepare you for the not-so-easy pieces. Be patient, this can take a couple of hours. The cool thing is that you can print out as many pieces as you want. When done, throw them in a box and don’t let any Terrasques errr… 3 year-olds find them!

    @ Jonathan

    It IS awesome. How many adventures involve encounters in castles or their inner/outer perimeters? Not many. With this, you have to include them.

  4. You made that? Oh my gosh it was/is wonderful. Congrats!

  5. Three year olds… yeah, I know that pain.

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