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SOTY Shield 2013Check out the following RPG blogs, then cast a vote for your favorite!

This is day 3 of 4 for Reader Voting of the 2013 RPG Site of the Year contest. Monday – Thursday we’ll have a new group of sites for you to check out and vote on. We’ll post the four finalists on April 22nd, and then the winner on April 29th. So, after you vote (below), come back tomorrow to vote again, then to see the finalists, and then the 2013 RPG Site of the Year winner!

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– Online since: October, 2009
– Must read #1:  Shop: Able’s Horse Shop
– Must read #2: It’s All the Player’s Fault!
The blog is a one-man operation; I do all the writing. The goal is to release at least 1 article a week, usually Tuesday, with more if possible. The focus of the site is to give opinion on rpg topics, both for GM’s and players (though there is a very heavy GM focus), along with articles that are of use at the table.

– Online since: April, 2011
– Must read #1:  Pick-ups!
– Must Listen #1: Episode 7: Undies on the Outside
Rule Zero started as a conversation about gaming between two guys that wouldn’t shut up about it. We talk about top RPGs but also show a lot of love for indie games, and frequently discuss tabletop board and card games as well. We both have very busy work and gaming lives, but we try to put a show out every month, and Pete or Chris will often throw out an article to fill the gaps between podcasts. We occasionally have guest speakers on the show, one professional interview so far but we’re working on scheduling another. It’s an open conversation about a topic that a lot of people have opinions on. We have a couple original skits that we use to introduce shows. We’re still working on building an audience and figuring out how to get the word out there, but we’re always open to feedback.

– Online since: July, 2007
– Must read #1: Your Whispering Homunculus: Twelve Obsessive Collectors (Part 1)
– Must read #2: Midgard Icons: Baba Yaga
The Kobold Press blog presents readers with weekly content that focuses on sword-and-sorcery tabletop RPG content, with occasional news and product announcements. We also enjoy having contests that allow our readers to submit content and also vote on the pieces that judges deem to be worthy finalists, plus we provide columnists a place to post thought-provoking pieces regarding fantasy roleplaying gaming. We welcome comments and interactions on the site, so come see what the kobolds have to offer you!

– Online since: September, 2009
– Must read #1: Setting the Scene: Pacing Issues, Part 1 (Preparation & Improvisation)
– Must read #2: Setting the Scene: Pacing Issues, Part 3 (Timing…It’s Everything)
The main focus is primarily GM and player tips, game reviews, and games that are out of print but still have a large fan base, like the James Bond: 007 or the classic Cortex systems, and other non-D&D games. I figure the majority of games sites cater to the fantasy RPG crowd. I’m trying to do things for the rest of the gaming community.

– Online since: March, 2011
– Must read #1:  Swords & Wizardry Appreciation Day Offering
– Must read #2: Paranoia PDC Prop
Primarily, I’m focused on gaming with kids.  My 13 year-olds have been playing for about half their short lives already, and this is one way we keep track of it. I do reviews, especially with a take on the appropriateness for younger kids. And, the boys have begun doing their own con reports recently.

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Voting has closed! Thank you!

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