Jan 012013

Favorite Site of the Month BadgeA few days ago I was catching some waves in these digital waters when I surfed up next to this unassuming blog… A Walk in the Dark.  I almost passed it by, until I noticed its tagline: “A look into the mind of a D&D content designer.”

“Sweet!  An RPG blog!  Gotta check it out…!”

So, I read their latest post.  Then another.  And then another.  The site isn’t flashy; it’s simple.  It’s not busy; it’s laid back.  I notice the author (David Flor) doesn’t post every day, or even every week, and that kind of reminds me of dessert – I can’t have it everyday, so it makes the whole thing sweeter when I can.

Here’s David:

“Originally, “A Walk in the Dark” was going to be the chronicle of designing my large scale 4th Edition campaign called “The Coming Dark”, but a lot has happened since. After getting more exposure to the D&D 4th Edition mechanic and getting a feel for what the public wants in a product, I have come to the conclusion that my original campaign was seriously flawed, so instead I have diversified and became a publisher of modules and other content under my company, Darklight Interactive.

My posts are generally that of a publisher trying to make his mark in the world, sometimes successfully and other times hitting some rather formidable obstacles (like a “cease and desist” order, for example). I am also a software developer, so I periodically post about applications I’m developing or would like to develop (like monster builders, the dice tools, etc.). All while looking ahead at D&D “Next” with a weary eye, just wondering what the licensing options are going to be and what I am going to be able to do with it as a publisher.

Click to get there!

Click to get there!

I admit I haven’t posted very often as of late due to personal “real life” circumstances, but I do my best.”

Your best is pretty good, so I’ll be waiting…

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