Jun 012012

Hey!  We have our first Favorite Site of the Month since the 2012 SOTY contest wrapped up, and it’s a great one!

I’m a little ashamed to say that I haven’t been reading her blog for very long.  It wasn’t until recently that I found myself absorbing her articles more and more often.  She has this style of writing – well, I’m afraid to describe it for fear of not doing it justice – when I’m reading her posts, I just get the sense that she’s right there talking to me.  Her written words just seem to speak aloud, as if we’re face-to-face.  Not only that, but she says things that I want to hear, whether I agree or not.  It’s just kind of… engaging.

But, that’s not why Tracy Hurley’s Sarah Darkmagic is our Favorite site of the Month; there are quite a few other reasons… Downloadable Delves, Monster Builder Tutorial, RPG Tools… you name it.  However, what I’m impressed most about the site is its overall dedication of providing RPG material to gamers.  Anyone can put up a gaming blog – and there will always be someone who can benefit from that – but with Sarah Darkmagic, gamers can expect the site to go the extra mile.  This is even more obvious when you take notice of her recently (successfully) funded Kickstarter Project: Prismatic Art.

It’s a project aimed at providing a more diverse type of fantasy art, inspired from and depicting different cultures and backgrounds.

 Thanks, Tracy, for putting up a fantastic site.  I know Sarah Darkmagic will continue to flourish, and gamers will continue to visit.

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Chris Stevens

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