Nov 012010

I have a secret. 

Outside of Stuffer Shack, Critical Hits might just be my favorite gaming blog.  With a good group of writers, ranging from industry professionals to gaming enthusiasts, there is always a nice mix of articles to read. 

To be fair, I have only been reading online for about a year, but I continue to find myself gravitating back toward Critical Hits – they just always seem to have the articles that interest me, or that I find useful in helping me get more out of the game (here’s my favorite).

Critical Hits just had their five-year birthday.  You can read up on it here, where you’ll find info on what they’ve accomplished (including two Ennie nominations), some cools stats, and where they’re headed.

Critical Hits, Stuffer Shack’s site of the month for November 2010.

Chris Stevens

Chris Stevens is the Owner and Executive Editor (he can use that title - he checked) of Stuffer Shack. He is the son of his non-famous (but totally awesome) father, and has written, like, tons of gaming material (none of which will he ever try to publish). He started Stuffer Shack in 2010 and is very proud of the site, very pleased with its store, and very thankful for its writers.

  One Response to “Favorite Site of the Month – Nov/2010”

  1. Thank you very much for the pick. We are honoured. We work hard, Dave for the last 5 years, me for the last one since I joined and all the others to bring top notch quality from people close to the game table.

    Thanks again!

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