Jan 082012

Not a mixed-martial arts fan?  Not a problem…

I’ve been following Mixed Martial Arts since the inception of UFC in ’93.  This is when a lot of boxing fans (and non-boxing fans) saw the amazing execution of triangle chokes and ankle locks, and saw them actually working.

In RPGs (like Spycraft) a lot of these moves are used in-game, though seemingly improbable.  Real-world fighting is usually down-and-dirty; most combat moves in RPGs are highly unlikely to be pulled off in reality…

Until you watch this movie… Haywire.

Sure, it’s a movie, but before I realized who was playing the main character, I thought, “Cool!  That chick looks like she actually knows how to fight.  There’s some real strength and technique in there.  Oh, it’s Gina Carano.  Yeah, she could kick my ass with two broken legs.”

So, here you have it.  Gina Carano (MMA superstar) in her first feature film starring role.  The movie is nothing special (covert operative gets double-crossed, yadda-yadda-yadda), but the fight scenes alone will get you pumped.  Surely inspiring for that kick-ass character you’re now going to think up for your game.

Chris Stevens

In Chris's opinion, the very best vices are dirt bikes, rock music, and gaming, while the very best medicine is fatherhood. If he could just learn to balance them all, he'd live forever. He's much more creative than intelligent, often wakes up belligerent, and ponders many things insignificant. Lastly, in an effort to transform his well-fed body, P90X, Roller Blades, and Food are all laughing at him. And the pain continues.

  5 Responses to “Take a Break Sunday: Hot-Ass MMA Fighter Kicks Ass in Spycraft-like Film”

  1. Nice. Thanks to my PVR, I don’t watch commercials anymore, but I also miss all the great movie previews for upcoming attractions. I’ve been in martial arts for a while now, so I appreciate good fight scenes when they come up. I’m putting this one on my list of movies to see.

  2. I will also be watching it, but for me, it’s more of an excuse to eat some buttered popcorn with a large cherry coke.

    Actually, this movie is a guilty pleasure of mine, as are just about all spy movies.

  3. You guys have Cherry Coke!!! I am jealous. It’s got a pretty famous cast which should drive the movie.

  4. Alton, it does have a big cast, but seeing as the movie only has an estimated budget of 25 million, I think most of the big dogs in the film are doing it as a charity project. I think they’ve been sold on her looks and fighting talent, and had a few spare weeks of free time to shoot.

    The plot is uninspired, and is just like most covert operative/spy movies – the whole movie is simply an excuse to put her in situations that she has to kick someone’s ass to get out of.

    I don’t think this is going to do well in the theater – that’s just my prediction. The fight scenes are the only thing the movie offers that’s in the “cool” realm. Maybe it’ll earn back its budget, which would be cool, but it’s certainly no blockbuster.

    Knowing this, I’m sure that I’m going to have a good time watching the movie anyway, because I know what I’m getting. I’m not gonna lie, and i aint gonna apologize – I”m looking forward to seeing a hot MMA fighter chick kick ass in some inspiring fight scenes – plus buttered popcorn and some Chery Coke!

  5. Tourq,

    I agree with you wholeheartedly. I will probably watch the movie also. The fight scenes look cool. I think it will be a good movie to watch.

    I does help that Ewan and others are in it. It surprises me that most of the big named cast member are ones that I like to watch. Should be excellent.

    Have a lot of fun.

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