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The House of M was a Marvel tie-in event that brought together each major title in an alternate reality where everything seemed better, at least to most people. It followed the forming of the New Avengers and was a precursor to Civil War (the next big event coming from Margaret Weiss Productions). In its pages we saw a world where Magneto was a great hero, uncovering a government conspiracy against mutants early on. He founded a safe haven in Genosha, which quickly became a economic and technological giant, due to the gifts of its Mutant population. He liberated the United States, and helped set up Superhuman led governments across the globe. Mutants became the dominant species, Spider-man was a great entertainer, Captain America never got stuck in the ice, and Colossus led a peaceful life on a Russian farm.

Too bad Wolverine still remembers the real world, and he doesn’t like it when people mess with his head (Deadpool was dimension traveling at the time but if you’re using our file, he could also fill this role). There’s also a girl named Layla Miller. She knows stuff, she found the human resistance and showed them the truth about this reality as well. The Resistance can really be made up of anyone who’s not a public mutant, but should include Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Hawkeye and Cloak.

Now the heroes need to end this reality, fighting their own memories and personal feelings. I’ve represented this in my game with the Milestones below, but also by having every hero start with a d10 Altered Reality complication. Every transition scene players can reduce it by -1 step, just like Stress. Otherwise it can be used in opposed dice pools, like a complication, by anyone who is aware that House of M is fake.


Got me on my knees. . .

Layla Miller is a girl who knows stuff. She’s also the girl who helps people remember. You need to keep her safe, so you can help others.

1 XP when Layla Miller uses her action to help someone recover their memories.

3 XP when you spend 1 PP to save Layla Miller from Stress or Trauma.

10 XP when you protect Layla long enough for her to awaken Magneto or you fail to protect her and she dies.


The Better Reality

The House of M may be fake, but it’s a lot better than the true reality. You struggle with the decision to turn things back.

1 XP when you take mental or emotional stress linked to your preference towards House of M.

3 XP when you defend the current reality to a teammate.

10 XP when you turn on your allies to save this reality, or abandon this reality for the real.


The World is a Lie

The Scarlet Witch took your life from you and made you forget. She is too powerful for this world, and you will be her undoing.

1 XP when you defeat an enemy working for Magneto.

3 XP when you rebuke an ally because they don’t share your resolve.

10 XP when you destroy the Scarlet Witch, or forgive her after discovering the true culprit.

You can download the Marvel Heroic Roleplaying PDF here, or get the book!

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  1. Greetings from Iceland

    I am thinking of running House of M for my group of heroes and i was wondering if you had any of the Action scenes or datafiles that you used written up? Any information helpful.

    Helgi Már

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