Minotaur Contest Winners!

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Jun 022010

It’s time to announce the winners for the Minotaur contest!

Before we begin, let me throw a couple of things out there.  First, none of the Steal This… entries from the authors of Stuffer Shack were considered; only readers.  Secondly, none of the pictures accompanying the entries had any influence; only content was considered.   Now, with that being said, here they are:

3rd place wins the Adventurer’s Bundle:

  • “Fire in the Black,” the story of Teig Makusy – Great setup for someone to play the brooding loner with one glimmering reason for hope.  Not many people can pull off this type of character, so this should help.  I especially like the amount of detail in describing how he’s gotten to his current state.

2nd place also wins the Adventurer’s Bundle:

  • Rescuing Racel – It’s a great setup for an adventure with a pretty original take on the damsel in distress, but a strong damsel.  I think it’s a great player’s aid and adventure hook, immediately calling the party to action.  It could very easily be what it seems – the wife imprisoned by her lycan husband – or it could be something entirely different – is the whole village in on it?  I would love to run this adventure.

1st place wins the huge-sized minotaur, and also the Adventurer’s Bundle:

  • Anchor, the Aquatic Warforged – Great NPC idea, and well-characterized.  It speaks volumes to me because of its originality, opening doors for PCs not usually opened in a fantasy setting (venturing underwater).  On top of that, there are a few different ways of integrating this NPC into a campaign.  Really, a great NPC.

Thank you everyone for your contributions.  I’m happy with the turnout, and look forward to the next contest.  Winners have been notified via email.

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  1. Congratulations, all!

  2. A fantastic contest, I’ll keep my eyes peeled for any more that get run!

  3. Thanks, you guys! It was a lot of fun coming up with an entry for this contest. I’ll have to try my hand at design more often!

  4. Congratulations you guys!

  5. Thanks again everyone.

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