Nov 052012

I would like to give a shout out for a Kickstarter project that will be closing later this week.  It was successfully funded just a few days after it was launched, but you should still take a look…

Nova Praxis has already hit it’s first two stretch goals, and is aiming for a third.  With the quality of product that Mike McConnell put out with his first two books, this role-playing game is sure to be a solid gem.  The stretch goals simply increase the Kickstarter rewards, making a fantastic value even better…

#1 ($15,000) – If we get to $15K, all PDFs or printed copies of the book will also come with a PDF of our first supplement, the GM’s Companion, when it goes on sale. The GM’s Companion features additional NPC write-ups, an introductory scenario, and suggested plot arcs for missions and campaigns.

#2 ($20,000) – All printed copies of the book will also come with a full color poster map showing the Sol System and its relation to the other inhabited star systems.

#3 ($30,000) – Everyone who gets the PDF or printed copy of the core book gets a free copy of the PDF for our first published scenario, The Vantage Strain, when it goes on sale.

Watch the video – it’s pretty cool.

Also, here’s an interview with Mike about the game, and Greywulf gave us a great preview.

More awesomeness...

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