Day 4 of 5 for the 2012 RPG SOTY

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Apr 192012

Check out the following 7 RPG blogs, then cast a vote for your favorite!

This is day 4 of 5 for Reader Voting of the 2012 RPG Site of the Year contest. Each day this week we’ll have a new group of sites for you to check out and vote on (vote at the bottom of the post). We’ll post the five finalists on April 23rd, and then the winner on April 30th. So, come back tomorrow to vote again!

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– Online since: September 2010
– A great post: The Gassy Gnoll: Where do you draw the line in-game?
Game Knight Reviews aims to be a site for independent reviews, opinions, and news about roleplaying games. Come each Friday for our huge news roundup of links offering food for thought, tools, reviews, and more from around the web. Come on Wednesdays for the weekly opinion piece by The Gassy Gnoll. Come any other day for a mix of reviews and interviews from across the spectrum of RPGs. Stop on by any time! We’ll be waiting!

– Online since: September 2010
– A great post: Dungeon Delver
Glimm’s Workshop focuses on advice for game masters, discussions of game mechanics, and free material. I use it as a place to share gaming ideas with others people who love games.

– Online since: October 2010
– A great post: How to Create an Interesting Solo in 10 Seconds
Roving Band of Misfits is a blog dedicated to all things D&D 4e. Benoit, the main contributor and founder of the site, has a certain bent towards the arts & crafts side of things, so many of the articles focus on miniatures, Hirst Arts, and making accessories for your game table. That doesn’t mean that there’s a lack of other DM inspiration on the site, though. From “large scale naval combat rules” to “how to describe a scene for your players” to the new “Two Page Mini Delves” series, there is no shortage of stuff to steal for your game. In the past year, there have also been two major expansions to the site’s content. The first is the addition of the podcast “Level Up,” and the second was the founding of the “Game Night Blog Carnival.” The podcast is aimed at players (instead of gamemasters), and the carnival is where participating RPG blogs go “off topic,” reviewing some of their favorite non-RPG board and card games.

– Online since: December 2010
– A great article: The Best Dragon Covers: 101-200
Monsters are my obsession. They are the thread that runs through my love of film, comic books, art, and writing. Ménage à Monster takes that thread and ties it to my love of roleplaying games. Pretending to be Gandalf isn’t what first drew me to Dungeons and Dragons when I was a kid – it was seeing the hordes of slavering monsters creeping through my brother’s copy of the Monster Manual.

– Online since: February 2011
– A great post: Sentinels Watching – Old Friends and New bruises
Rising Phoenix Games focuses on role-playing games and helping players and GMs get more out of the game. Between December 2011 and early 2012 we ran a four part solo adventure free from the blog, which included three free battle maps for you to download and play. We are currently building on a series entitled “Inspired in Japan”, since I am living, working and role-playing in Japan.

– Online since: February 2011
– A great post: Top 12 Ways to Stop Sounding So Damn Metagamey
Leonine Roar is a D&D blog with a passionate focus: ideas and solutions for both the storytelling and mechanical aspects of D&D 4e. Looking for a kingly balance of crunch and flavor ideas for your D&D jungle? If you want great D&D ideas, advice, tips and entertainment for your game and characters tonight, then you want Leonine Roar!

– Online since: March 2011
– A great post: Power Options, Status Effects & Mutual Assured Destruction
For the past year, I have written approximately 80 articles on a variety of roleplaying-game topics. My background as a licensed psychologist influences my writing style and has led me to unique approaches to common topics. For example, I have conducted several research studies on the dynamics of Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition combat and powers. I have also had the benefit of conducting in-depth interviews with a variety of individuals involved in the online roleplaying community (Scott Fitzgerald Gray, for example). For the past several months, I have posted a detailed monster complete with backstory and statistics to be used in a D&D 4e campaign. My blog offers insight into relevant RPG topics, suggestions for improving communication around the gaming table and analysis of gaming mechanics that will not be found anywhere else online. It’s been a pleasure to work on the blog during the last year, and I appreciate being under consideration

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The poll for this post is now over.

However,you can click here to catch up on the contest…

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  5 Responses to “Day 4 of 5 for the 2012 RPG SOTY”

  1. You. Are. Killing. Me.

    First, there’s 7 great articles to read every day. If I’m lucky, I can use that to narrow it down to 3 or 4 blogs. Then I need to be “fair” and page through the last few pages on the remaining blogs and decide which ones look better. And then whatever is left, I have to choose between them; it’s like trying to decide if I should only play wizards or fighters for the next year in all my games.

    Next year, I think you should give everyone 7 votes per day. That would definitely help relieve the stress.

  2. And, yet again, you cause me to chuckle.


  3. Thanks for including me in the contest. I’m learning about some great sites throughout the week!

  4. I love the Shack! Thanks for getting Leonine Roar on here, Tourq!

    And Id DM is right on – I’ve discovered more than few tremendous D&D and gaming blogs through Stuffer Shack and beyond. Our community rocks!

    Keep up the great work!!

    Tony (Kilsek)

  5. Thanks guys. You all say it better than I could. 🙂

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