Day 5 of 5 for the 2012 RPG SOTY

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Apr 202012

Check out the following 6 RPG blogs, then cast a vote for your favorite!

This is day 5 of 5 for Reader Voting of the 2012 RPG Site of the Year contest. Each day this week we’ve had a new group of sites for you to check out and vote on. We’ll post the five finalists on April 23rd, and then the winner on April 30th. So, after you vote (below), come back to see the finalists, and then the 2012 RPG Site of the Year winner!

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– Online since: June 2011
– A great podcast: Episode 6 – with Cam Banks
Our blog (and podcast) is all chat and content and less murky other stuff. We talk about systems, settings, hints and tips, discussions about topics which affect gamers in a myriad of ways and generally have a laugh while we are at it! No topic is out of bounds and we make it our goal to get the cool and interesting people of the RPG world onto our podcast to have a good chat with them! Throw a load of rambling about old vs new and competitions and you have Nearly Enough Dice!

– Online since: June 2011
– A great post: “For the last time, you can’t play a Ninja!”
I am an old school gamer who has missed playing RPG’s. During the creation of this site and the subsequent posts I have reinvigorated my obsession. GURPS is my system of choice but I have played many and will continue to do so. This blog has helped me get back to the table.

– Online since: July 2011
– A great post: I Grew Up With D&D, Now I Want to Grow Out With 5E
I started Gaming Tonic to share some of things that I have learned over the last three decades playing rpgs. Gaming Tonic is not dedicated to any one system or genre but to making it easier to run a fun and fantastic rpg. We attempt to change the phrase role-play to cooperative storytelling and believe constructive criticism should offer a solution instead of just negativity. Dedicated to building a community, Gaming Tonic promotes other great rpg sites, giveaways, submission opportunities, and anything related to all rpgs in a positive light that is hard to find on lots of message boards and forums.

– Online since: July 2011
– A great post: “Portable Pantheon 2012” is released!
“Between Are the Doors” provides resources for Old School Hack–scenarios, new talents and templates, new gods, and other great toys for DMs who want to add depth to this shiny game. I also offer maps, reflections on gaming, adventure reports, reviews, and encouragement. In the background, I continue adapting Old School Hack for science fiction, survival horror, and Cthulu mythos. I’d rather blow your socks off with something totally cool than use a rant to provoke my readers. I like to introduce my material and then let you get to it, rather than spending a lot of time telling you what I’m showing you–so go have a look!

– Online since: July 2011
– A great post: NPCs are idiots
Quirky DM – A Quirky View into Running 4E Games – I’m not a perfect DM. These are the wild ideas in my head to get myself and my game closer and closer. Some are fairly normal. Others … not so much. Is it madness? Genius? The transcripts of a gibbering mouther? You decide. It’s not all insanity. I’m not crazy. Yet. For now, my ideas and I are just a little offbeat. A little quirky. And this is the Quirky DM.

– Online since: August 2011
– A great post: Mini-Adventure One: Zilgor’s Repose
Fun stuff you can use in your game. We produce classic resources for paper & pencil tabletop RPGs. You will find New Monsters, New Spells, Unique Paper Miniatures, Unusual Random Tables (check out Strange Ovum or Damned Things series), and all that sort of stuff you might expect, but we also have our own Settings that we’re developing, such as Wermspittle and the Kalaramar Drifts, among others. We also support Labyrinth Lord, Mutant Future, and Rogue Space, in addition to other games whether they are retro-clones or fresh new Indie Games. A lot of our stuff can be ported-over to just about any game, edition or play-style.

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The poll for this post is now over.

However,you can click here to catch up on the contest…

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  4 Responses to “Day 5 of 5 for the 2012 RPG SOTY”

  1. A great line-up of sites/blogs. We’re proud to be listed with you all. Best of luck to everyone involved!

  2. And good luck right back at ya!

    Looks like we’re all the rookies here. Yay for blogging newbies! There’s no hazing ritual involved is there? Gnome Stew isn’t going to TP my laptop or I don’t have to go wash Dungeon’s Master’s car, right? And I’ll just assume the rumors about a huge paddle with a Stuffer Shack logo emblazoned on it is just one of those urban legends being passed around.

  3. I get a funny feeling in the pit of my stomach when I feel the love coming from comment like these. I really love the attitude from some of the sites, everyone helping everyone out. This keeps us all alive.

    I would like to thank you Tourq for continuing the site of the year award, bring attention to sites that I did not even know about. I would like to thank you for all your encouragement and look forward to continuing to contribute to the ‘Shack in the future.

    Good luck to all the sites, I have had a lot of reading to do this week and I can tell you that the competition is ferocious.

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