Day 1 of 5 for the 2012 RPG SOTY

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Apr 162012

Check out the following 7 RPG blogs, then cast a vote for your favorite!

This is day 1 of 5 for Reader Voting of the 2012 RPG Site of the Year contest.  Each day this week we’ll have a new group of sites for you to check out and vote on (vote at the bottom of the post).  We’ll post the five finalists on April 23rd, and then the winner on April 30th.  So, come back tomorrow to vote again!

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– Online since: 1995
– A great post: Getting Characters Together: A Dungeon Master’s Nightmare has been around since 1995, by far among the oldest RPG sites on the web.  It started out as a simple site for a retail location and has evolved into a “catch-all” for gamers.  We highly support the local mom-and-pop game and hobby shops and encourage gamers to buy from those locations as opposed to the larger chain stores.  We also work with several publishers and distributors to help bring new game information to the masses.  If it’s a game that been out there, chances are we have played it, we aren’t called GameMasters for nothing!

– Online since: April 2007
– A great post: But, shouldn’t we aspire to be the Hero?
The Other Side is dedicated to providing an outlet for my writing on a bunch of topics.  I focus on horror games, but also old-school, new-school, middle-school and grad-school.  I talk about tons of different games and try to say something intelligent about all of them. You can expect a bunch of game related crunch from me as well.

– Online since: July 2007
– A great post: Character Development Happens In-Game
Life and Times of a Philippine Gamer is a blog dedicated to helping GMs and Players have fun. From GM and Player advice, actual play reports, game reviews and exploration of play styles, this blog encourages readers to go out and explore everything that the hobby has to offer.

– Online since: October 2007
– A great post: [Interview] Mike Olson about the Atomic Robo RPG
Paper & Plastic is a blog about tabletop RPGs. From Indie to OSRIC, from D&D 4th edition to Fate incanations. I will explore with you new RPGs and rediscover old ones. On top of that, interviews, rule tests, small talks and good advice.

– Online since: January 2008
– A great post: Your Whispering Homunculus: 30 Unsettling Moments
Kobold Quarterly blog is all about inspiration for gamers: articles cover crazed wizardry but also historical weapons and real-world bladesmithing. Kobold Quarterly runs heavy on monsters, NPCs, encounters, magic items, and crunch rather than news and opinion; it’s playable first and foremost.

– Online since: May 2008
– A great post: Deep as a Puddle: Character Development with a Tarot
Written by a team of veteran GMs, Gnome Stew is the most widely read game mastering blog on the planet. We started Gnome Stew because we believe that game masters are under-served in the RPG community. There are few websites and even fewer books dedicated to game mastering — GMs usually get one chapter in a larger work, and that often doesn’t address a lot of what we actually do at the gaming table. Since May 2008, we’ve served up over a thousand system-neutral articles for GMs. Our mission is to help GMs have more fun at the gaming table, regardless of their system of choice, their experience level, or their play style.

– Online since: August 2008
– A great post: Never Stop Making Games
Stargazer’s World is not focused on just one roleplaying game, but we (an international team of two regular authors and a couple of irregular guest authors) try to cover as much of the hobby as possible. We cover everything from the big daddy of all RPGs to new-fangled indie games. On our blog you find reviews, gaming advice, our thoughts on the hobby and the industry, interviews with the stars of our hobby and much more. We also irregularly write about game design and about the life and times of us RPG bloggers.

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The poll for this post is now over.

However,you can click here to catch up on the contest…

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  1. Let the games begin! I love having the “great post” option on these. You get a good vibe for the blog based on that. And I can now add another blog to my RSS list! We’ll see how large it gets by the end of the week.

  2. Quirky DM –

    Totally. I just dig checking out blogs I haven’t seen before.

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