Day 3 of 5 for the 2012 RPG SOTY

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Apr 182012

Check out the following 7 RPG blogs, then cast a vote for your favorite!

This is day 3 of 5 for Reader Voting of the 2012 RPG Site of the Year contest. Each day this week we’ll have a new group of sites for you to check out and vote on (vote at the bottom of the post). We’ll post the five finalists on April 23rd, and then the winner on April 30th. So, come back tomorrow to vote again!

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– Online since: July 2010
– A great post: Annelise: Stories of Pain, Hunger, and Redemption
The purpose of the blog is to promote games. I love RPGs and I owe a great deal to the gaming industry. It literally saved my life. Now I want to give something back and hopefully get someone to enjoy some games as much as I have.

– Online since: June 2011
– A great post: Survival Games
The Artifact RPG blog is a great way to get your Science Fiction RPG fix with free downloads, stories, GM ideas, and experimental mechanics to use in your games. We’re working to make RPGs simpler to start up and introduce new players by writing articles about translating the psychology of the player to someone unacquainted with RPGs.

– Online since: September 2010
– A great post: Tutorial: Burning starship wrecks (and how to model fire!)
Shaper and Maker is mainly focused on terrain props and prepainted miniatures used in tabletop roleplaying games. The most popular content on the site is various terrain tutorials and galleries, some of which show you how to model more exotic elements like fire or streaming water. The site has also smaller amounts of other content like reviews, gamemastery articles, Savage Worlds materials and photos of non-gaming crafts. For those wanting to have gaming terrain less time for preparations, the site has some printable papercraft terrains and other props.

– Online since: March 2009
– A great post: Reality Makes the Best Fantasy: Courtesans
Troll in the Corner is dedicated to all things table top gaming. We love the hobby, we love the industry and we’ll do everything we can to promote it in a positive light!

– Online since: September 2009
– A great post: Things Fall Apart
The Black Campbell ia a blog dedicated to game advice, reviews, and other miscellenia. I mostly aim my posts for specific games toward smaller games, rather than the traditional D&D focus of a lot of game blogs, an approach that seems to be drawing a fair amount of readers. It has been running since late 2009.

– Online since: December 2009
– A great post: Burning in the New Year
The core of this blog is diversity; in this blog, I share all sorts of insights, explorations, and moments of enthusiasm in my journey through roleplaying games. I’m always coming up with my own spin on new mechanics, old mechanics, and new ways of looking at roleplaying. I even have reviews of games that really catch my interest. To sum up, this blog is about what I love in roleplaying games, because I’m a gamer.

– Online since: September 2010
– A great post: [Got Loot?] The 3 Types of Loot
Nobody warns you that RPGs unfairly tip the scales, pushing more work onto the GM’s plate while the rest of the players seem to have more fun. The Gaming Den of Iniquity seeks to restore balance at the game table by exploring theories, systems, and structures to free GMs to create more awesomeness. Taking disparate ideas and fitting them together in a gaming context gives a new perspective on ways to work with everyone at your table. It’s also a personal reflection on 30 years of gaming, with experiences and anecdotes continuing to collect as time goes on.

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The poll for this post is now over.

However,you can click here to catch up on the contest…

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