Apr 122011

This contest has ended. Here are the results!

Welcome to our RPG Site of the Year contest!

For information, eligibility requirements, and a breakdown of the grand prize package (worth $225+) go here

Below is our running list of sites for the contest.  Hit the above link to read the rules, and then submit your site for free!  Submission acceptance ends on Monday, April 25.

Chris Stevens

Chris Stevens is the Owner and Executive Editor (he can use that title - he checked) of Stuffer Shack. He is the son of his non-famous (but totally awesome) father, and has written, like, tons of gaming material (none of which will he ever try to publish). He started Stuffer Shack in 2010 and is very proud of the site, very pleased with its store, and very thankful for its writers.

  3 Responses to “RPG Site of the Year: Our Running Submissions”

  1. Whew! Some mighty stiff competition here!

  2. Huh, I’m pleasantly surprised to have gotten in the running.

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